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  • Good news soon?

    Domino just posted on the main forums that she has a spreadsheet that she feels is fairly complete on how to handle changes to T8 mastercrafted weapons (both Weaponsmith and Woodworker I believe) that will hopefully make both crafters and customers happy. She'll need the time to turn it all from ideas into reality, but she actually mentioned GU45 as a "possibility." (As much as I'd love that, I'm hoping they leave it for GU46 to give time to make sure the writ quests and everything have time to be checked in triplicate before it comes live.)

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    Let's cross our fingers, toes and eyes that it goes smoothly.

    Meanwhile, those weaponsmiths with significant interest in the changes might want to consider prepping an install of the Test client, so you can make use of the /testcopy feature to poke at the changes when they go in.



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      Folks may also want to check out this chart from Domino.


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        Yanno...lots of folks have said it many times, but I haven't so here goes.

        I think Domino is doing a terrific job. The things I see are,

        - she continuously improves tradeskilling. She's an advocate for crafting
        - she communicates extensively and effectively
        - she shows that she cares about EQ-2 and tradeskilling
        - she's just such a durn nice person


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          No doubt!

          I'd seriously consider picking her up and stealing her back to my cave, except!

          A. She'd defend herself very well and take me out on her own, and barring that,

          B. Niami here would lay into me with the infamous Rolling Pin that might make Ngreth cringe and pity me, and barring that

          C. Thousands of Domino fans hunting me down for being selfish!

          Therefore I'll have to settle for possibly meeting her at a Fan Faire and offering to purchase a beverage of her choice.

          (Very happy Ratonga with a lunatic Ogre for a brother)



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            I'm not a weaponsmith, but anyone who uses crafted weapons will be affected by this change. I'm extremely disappointed in the dearth of axe options in Domino's new layout, especially compared to the number of swords, daggers, and hammers.

            Powers &8^]