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T8 weapon progression?

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  • T8 weapon progression?

    We know that weapon stat progression in Tier 8 is different than other tiers, but don't yet have a good handle on the differences. Please post here if you can help us sort out which item has what stats for T8 common (and rare) weapons. The master weapon progression list can be found here.

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    This is my list from beta with the ferrite weapons added using the links from my crafting logs in beta, I've checked the stats on everything today so it should be accurate.

    One Handed Piercing:

    Dirk - was STR/STA/AGI/WIS/INT

    Ferrite Dirk
    +20STR +15STA +15AGI +15WIS +15INT +80Health +30Power
    \aITEM 376489916 2102292332:Pristine Ferrite Dirk\/a

    Incarnadine Dirk
    +30STR +20STA +20AGI +20WIS +20INT +90Health +50Power
    \aITEM 27984931 1763759289:Pristine Incarnadine Dirk\/a

    Spear - was STR/STA/AGI

    Ferrite Spear
    +45STR +35AGI +55Health +55Power
    \aITEM 1620939144 -433750540:Pristine Ferrite Spear\/a

    Incarnadine Spear
    +65STR +45AGI +70Health +70Power
    \aITEM 3851422 277361940:Pristine Incarnadine Spear\/a

    Ritual Dagger - was INT

    Ferrite Ritual Dagger
    +35STA +45INT +80Health +30 Power
    \aITEM 1106934020 -1414119322:Pristine Ferrite Ritual Dagger\/a

    Incarnadine Ritual Dagger
    +45STA +65INT +90Health +45Power
    \aITEM 401133987 1031076308:Pristine Incarnadine Ritual Dagger\/a

    Javelin - was AGI/WIS

    Dagger - was STR/STA/AGI

    Short Spear - was STR/STA/AGI

    Rapier - was AGI

    Ferrite Rapier
    +35STR +45AGI +55Health +55Power
    \aITEM -1484547705 -21619588:Pristine Ferrite Rapier\/a

    Incarnadine Rapier
    +35STR +65AGI +70Health +70Power
    \aITEM 1396149123 1581929292:Pristine Incarnadine Rapier\/a

    Stiletto - was STR/AGI

    Ferrite Stiletto
    +45STR +35INT +55Health +55Power
    \aITEM 2058834354 271402846:Pristine Ferrite Stiletto\/a

    Incarnadine Stiletto
    +65STR +45INT +70Health +70Power
    \aITEM -312340150 688426320:Pristine Incarnadine Stiletto\/a

    Leafblade - was STR/AGI

    Ferrite Leafblade
    +45STR +35AGI +70Health +50Power
    \aITEM -1757070846 1049824839:Pristine Ferrite Leafblade\/a

    Incarnadine Leafblade
    +65STR +45AGI +90Health +50Power
    \aITEM 615814508 -653130102:Pristine Incarnadine Leafblade\/a

    Kris - was STA/AGI

    Ferrite Kris
    +45STA +34AGI +30Health +80Power
    \aITEM -465909577 -1895538585:Pristine Ferrite Kris\/a

    Incarnadine Kris
    +65STA +45AGI +45Health +90Power
    \aITEM -203355352 -1687495758:Pristine Incarnadine Kris\/a

    Katar - was STR (Slashing)

    Ferrite Katar
    +45STR +35STA +80Health +30 Power
    \aITEM -984828810 1140086794:Pristine Ferrite Katar\/a

    Incarnadine Katar
    +65STR +45STA +90Health +45Power
    \aITEM -1511268000 -1252454166:Pristine Incarnadine Katar\/a

    Pitchatka - new weapon

    Ferrite Pitchatka
    +35STR +25STA +25AGI +55Health +55Power
    \aITEM -839399997 1679946118:Pristine Ferrite Pitchatka\/a

    Incarnadine Pitchatka
    +45STR +35STA +35AGI +70Health +65Power
    \aITEM 2114349741 -2086602421:Pristine Incarnadine Pitchatka\/a


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      One Handed Slashing:

      Battle Axe - was STR/STA/AGI

      Long Sword - was STR/STA/AGI

      Ferrite Long Sword
      +35STR +25STA +25AGI +70Health +50Power
      \aITEM 1758422469 1432721150:Pristine Ferrite Long Sword\/a

      Incarnadine Long Sword
      +45STR +35STA +35AGI +90Health +50Power
      \aITEM -1032398795 -1336432133:Pristine Incarnadine Long Sword\/a

      Scimitar - was WIS/INT

      Ferrite Scimitar
      +45WIS +35INT +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM -70521033 -1856898597:Pristine Ferrite Scimitar\/a

      Incarnadine Scimitar
      65WIS +45INT +70Health +65Power
      \aITEM 1813950415 -1468779563:Pristine Incarnadine Scimitar\/a

      War Axe - was STR/STA

      Ferrite War Axe
      +20STA +15AGI +15WIS +15INT +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM 1325243169 1876587290:Pristine Ferrite War Axe\/a

      Incarnadine War Axe
      +30STA +20AGI +20WIS +20INT +70Health +65Power
      \aITEM 1231350570 1235468281:Pristine Incarnadine War Axe\/a

      Short Sword - was STR/STA/AGI

      Ferrite Short Sword
      +25STR +35STA +25AGI +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM -1999329268 534502975:Pristine Ferrite Short Sword\/a

      Incarnadine Short Sword
      +35STR +45STA +35STA +70Health +70Power
      \aITEM 902030253 1867782287:Pristine Incarnadine Short Sword\/a

      Tomahawk - was STR/STA/AGI

      Ferrite Tomahawk
      +45STR +35INT +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM -1301464924 -654889400:Pristine Ferrite Tomahawk\/a

      Incarnadine Tomahawk
      +65STR +35INT +70Health +70Power
      \aITEM 632846428 -506272698:Pristine Incarnadine Tomahawk\/a

      Falchion - was STR/AGI

      Ferrite Falchion
      +45STR +35AGI +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM -1858942972 -72818968:Pristine Ferrite Falchion\/a

      Incarnadine Falchion
      +65STR +45AGI +65Health +70Power
      \aITEM 115837180 -1030941466:Pristine Incarnadine Falchion\/a

      Crescent Axe - was STR/AGI

      Ferrite Crescent Axe
      +45STR +35AGI +80Health +30Power
      \aITEM -28841725 1469961405:Pristine Ferrite Crescent Axe\/a

      Incarnadine Crescent Axe
      +65STR +45AGI +90Health +50Power
      \aITEM 1596681526 -1668486921:Pristine Incarnadine Crescent Axe\/a

      Kukri - was AGI

      Ferrite Kukri
      +25STR +25STA +35AGI +55Health +55Power
      \aITEM -423159667 1618998513:Pristine Ferrite Kukri\/a

      Incarnadine Kukri
      +35STR +35STA +45AGI +65Health +70Power
      \aITEM -2040509029 -1764574191:Pristine Incarnadine Kukri\/a

      Battle Claws - was STR/AGI

      Ferrite Battle Claws
      +45STR +35AGI +80Health +30Power
      \aITEM -1410337954 848406746:Pristine Ferrite Battle Claws\/a

      Incarnadine Battle Claws
      +65STR +45AGI +90Health +50Power
      \aITEM 176387947 -109013872:Pristine Incarnadine Battle Claws\/a

      Karabela - was AGI/INT (Piercing)

      Ferrite Karabela
      +35AGI +45INT +80Health +30Power
      \aITEM -1809925620 -24859424:Pristine Ferrite Karabela\/a

      Incarnadine Karabela
      +45AGI +65INT +90Health +45Power
      \aITEM 63699700 -945723666:Pristine Incarnadine Karabela\/a


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        One Handed Crushing:

        Morning Star - was AGI/WIS

        Ferrite Morning Star
        +35AGI +45WIS +50Health +70Power
        \aITEM 15390283 2039596543:Pristine Ferrite Morning Star\/a

        Incarnadine Morning Star
        +45AGI +64WIS +50Health +90Power
        \aITEM -1585032578 -1300170315:Pristine Incarnadine Morning Star\/a

        Battle Hammer - was STA/WIS/INT

        Ferrite Battle Hammer
        +25STA +35WIS +25INT +80Health +30Power
        \aITEM -405038165 228041417:Pristine Ferrite Battle Hammer\/a

        Incarnadine Battle Hammer
        +35STA +45WIS +35INT +90Health +40Power
        \aITEM -1312214260 -1688921221:Pristine Incarnadine Battle Hammer\/a

        Scepter - was WIS/INT

        Ferrite Scepter
        +45WIS +35INT +55Health +55Power
        \aITEM -1145478525 -1852867438:Pristine Ferrite Scepter\/a

        Incarnadine Scepter
        +65WIS +45INT +70Health +65Power
        \aITEM -1138748792 -1208569743:Pristine Incarnadine Scepter\/a

        Knuckles - was STR/STA (now uses pelts as primary rather than ore)

        Bristled Leather Knuckles
        +45STR +35STA +30Health +80 Power
        \aITEM 1987980553 -2136045497:Pristine Bristled Leather Knuckles\/a

        Hidebound Leather Knuckles
        +65STR +45STA +45Health +90Power
        \aITEM 1568636995 -718484684:Pristine Hidebound Leather Knuckles\/a

        Fistwraps - was STR/STA/AGI

        Bristled Leather Fistwraps
        +25STR +25STA +25AGI +55Health +55Power
        \aITEM 266186344 -1638985126:Pristine Bristled Leather Fistwraps\/a

        Hidebound Leather Fistwraps
        +45STR +35STA +35AGI +65Health +70Power
        \aITEM -1711339701 1461104799:Pristine Hidebound Leather Fistwraps\/a

        Battle Mace - was STR/STA/AGI

        Ferrite Battle Mace
        +25STA +25AGI +35WIS +55Health +55Power
        \aITEM 390525174 1615646453:Pristine Ferrite Battle Mace\/a

        Incarnadine Battle Mace
        +35STA +35AGI +45WIS +70Health +65Power
        \aITEM -1437484201 281217093:Pristine Incarnadine Battle Mace\/a

        Battle Flail - was STR/AGI

        Ferrite Battle Flail
        +25STR +25STA +35WIS +55Health +55Power
        \aITEM 977686020 -1556605568:Pristine Ferrite Battle Flail\/a

        Incarnadine Battle Flail
        +35STR +35STA +45WIS +70Health +65Power
        \aITEM -1691694543 1747528138:Pristine Incarnadine Battle Flail\/a

        Scourge - was AGI/INT


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          Two Handed Piercing:

          Trident - was STR/WIS

          Ferrite Trident
          +45STR +35WIS +80Health +100Power +1Piercing
          \aITEM -1150544573 -1856369838:Pristine Ferrite Trident\/a

          Incarnadine Trident
          +65STR +45WIS +100Health +150Power +2Piercing
          \aITEM -1124768440 -1222391887:Pristine Incarnadine Trident\/a

          Voulge - was STA/WIS/INT (One Handed)

          Ferrite Voulge
          +35STA +25WIS +25INT +55Health +55Power
          \aITEM 64139372 1525101975:Pristine Ferrite Voulge\/a

          Incarnadine Voulge
          +45STA +35WIS +35INT +70Health +65Power
          \aITEM -144268696 -98862425:Pristine Incarnadine Voulge\/a

          Two Handed Crushing:

          War Maul - was STA/WIS/INT

          Ferrite War Maul
          +25STA +30WIS +25INT +90Health +90Power +1Defense
          \aITEM 465630624 -1427489940:Pristine Ferrite War Maul\/a

          Incarnadine War Maul
          +35STA +45WIS +35INT +125Health +125Power +2Defense
          \aITEM -1944734376 -1815088798:Pristine Incarnadine War Maul\/a

          War Hammer - was STR/WIS

          Ferrite War Hammer
          +45STR +35WIS +90Health +90Power +1Aggression
          \aITEM 32746172 442526819:Pristine Ferrite War Hammer\/a

          Incarnadine War Hammer
          +65STR +45WIS +125Health +125Power +2Aggression
          \aITEM -1421207732 -11381914:Pristine Incarnadine War Hammer\/a

          Great Flail - was STR/AGI

          Great Mace - was STR/STA/AGI

          Two Handed Slashing:

          Executioner's Axe - was STR/STA/AGI

          Ferrite Executioner's Axe
          +55STR +25AGI +160Health +20Power +1Slashing
          \aITEM 1650494092 971337972:Pristine Ferrite Executioner's Axe\/a

          Incarnadine Executioner's Axe
          +65STR +45AGI +180Health +70Power +2Slashing
          \aITEM 724600470 -1531858745:Pristine Incarnadine Executioner's Axe\/a

          Greatsword - was STR/STA/AGI

          Double Headed Axe - was STR/STA/AGI

          Ferrite Double Headed Axe
          +25STR +25STA +25AGI +100Health +80Power +1Slashing
          \aITEM -410127117 1243277345:Pristine Ferrite Double Headed Axe\/a

          Incarnadine Double Headed Axe
          +35STR +45STA +35AGI +150Health +100Power +2Slashing
          \aITEM 447110533 -682743790:Pristine Incarnadine Double Headed Axe\/a

          Bastard Sword - was STR/AGI

          Ferrite Bastard Sword
          +30STR +25STA +25INT +100Health +80Power +1Slashing
          \aITEM 765264192 -504885818:Pristine Ferrite Bastard Sword\/a

          Incarnadine Bastard Sword
          +45STR +35STA +35INT +150Health +100Power +2Slashing
          \aITEM 2073012711 1999287412:Pristine Incarnadine Bastard Sword\/a

          Scythe - was STR/INT

          Ferrite Scythe
          +60STR +20INT +90Health +90Power +1Aggression
          \aITEM 1234476385 278993050:Pristine Ferrite Scythe\/a

          Incarnadine Scythe
          +65STR +45INT +125Health +125Power +2Aggression
          \aITEM -1121939611 -1336059990:Pristine Incarnadine Scythe\/a

          Halberd - was STA/WIS/INT (Piercing)

          Ferrite Halberd
          +35STA +25WIS +25INT +20Health +160Power +1Defense
          \aITEM -2011492775 -1574105016:Pristine Ferrite Halberd\/a

          Incarnadine Halberd
          +45STA +35WIS +35INT +70Health +180Power +2Defense
          \aITEM -1887273390 -2074813269:Pristine Incarnadine Halberd\/a


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            Basically if it is handcrafted the bonuses to characters stats (INT, STR, AGI, etc) should total about 80, with mastercrafted its 110.

            With handcrafted the health/power should total about 110 for one handed weapons, 180 for two handed. In mastercrafted it is 130-140 for one handed, and 250 for two handed.


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              Many thanks, Orba! The extra eye to detail is appreciated!

              Today is already turning chaotic, but I'll see what I can do with this over the next couple of days.


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                The weapon progression chart has been updated. Please poke me with any corrections, additions, etc.

                (I've noted weapon type changes as per Orba, though the halberd is back where it belongs on the live servers now.)