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Getting Tradeskill AA changes to stick

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  • Getting Tradeskill AA changes to stick

    I need help here. I know that the update that made the Harvesting Goblin part of the default tradeskill AA tree also broke the tree so that automatic AA updates no longer worked for tradeskill AA. I have managed to roll back and restart the tradeskill AA trees for some of my characters, but I can't get it to work for others. I need someone to spell out in detail exactly what steps to take to get the tradeskill AA tree working again after you roll it back to get the Harvesting Goblin to work AND to let automatic tradeskill AA to work. Obviously I got it to work in some cases, but not in others. So what am I missing in the cases that didn't work???

    -= Kishan =-
    Kishan and others on Isle of Refuge
    Therendil and others on Skyfire
    Gryphon's Keep guild on both.