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    Greetings! I made a note while completing the In A Bind quest last night with my Evil Sage. I am not sure how completely random it is, but I wanted to offer this Freeport location. The Master Sage I met was a male Erudite.

    Oeleimeoloenlem <Master Sage> can be found upstairs at the Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport at (29, -12, 85)

    Kindest Regards,

    Master Provisioner Ashmadia
    Najena Server

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    Thanks! This NPC is akin to one out in Timorous Deep - the name (and possibly gender) changes, either on server reset, or some other trigger, I'm not sure which. It always starts with an O, but everything else seems subject to change. Much silliness.


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      The one in Mok Rent in Timorous Deep changes constantly... if you stand there and watch him, you can watch his name change, not just with server resets. (He gives out a few quests, so the journal entries refer to him by his initials.)

      I didn't stand around and look at the "sage" in WFP to see if he did the same thing, but I assume he would.