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    This is not a guide, but something that would be helpful on the recipe books page for tier 9 advanced books. The books purchased are heirloom, so only need to do the faction work/quests on one character. Some of the broker prices are outrageous so this might help someone.

    Completing the Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests series in Sentinel's Fate will allow you to purchase Advanced Tier 9 books.

    o Scholars see Sata in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
    o Outfitters see Purrak in The Sundered Frontier.
    o Craftsmen see Ra'di in The Sundered Frontier.

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    Thanks for the nudge!

    After looking at the article, it needs a LOT of work. There are just too many exceptions and special cases. At some point, maybe I'll find some energy and just do a separate page for recipe sources for each and every crafting class. ... Maybe. Or just roll it into the "The Essential ____" articles I started doing for every class way back when. For now, though, I tweaked the article a bit to tide things over.

    So many things on the to-do list, so few spoons!