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    Hello Folks,
    If you're anything like me and hate to miss out on anything fun or valuable, you are constantly going through information, various sites and asking around to find out whats next, new and for your level.
    The 'Golden Path' made for adventurers helps with that issue and I think it would be great for crafters to have something like this as well.

    What I propose is web based and more of a level timeline tree with links to articles and quests that are already here on this site.

    With so much to do at some levels (eg lvl 50) it would be a great 'one-stop' reference to read what can be done at whatever level range if you'ld like to persue it.

    What do you all think?

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    I'd love to see it! I tried to organize the quests page on the site by level, but there were several spots where things branched of (all the TSO stuff, for example) and such, and I got distracted.


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      Golden path for levelling any tradeskiller seems pretty simple:

      Do the tutorial quests. This should get you to 9 or 10 within just a few hours.


      1. Make one of every new recipe you got at your level for the discovery bonuses.

      2. Do the highest level tradeskill writ available to you until you gain the next level. (This won't be possible until you get to 20, but 10 to 19 goes pretty quick anyway, probably make most of it just on th discovery, since you have all 3 classes' worth of recipes).

      3. Buy the new recipes for your new level.

      4. Go back to step 1 and repeat.

      Keep this up until you're level 80; do your epic and do the crafting line for SF. That should get you a few levels for free right there.

      Then repeat 1 thru 4 until you're 90.

      Worked well for me on the 2 level 90 crafters I have and is working so far on my jeweler. Works great if you have a guild harvesting depot that's kept well stocked.

      (Be sure to use xp potions from veterans awards whenever you have any).

      After that, getting to 90 is just a matter of time. I'd say getting to 90 as a crafter is far easier than getting to 90 as an adventurer; you can do it all solo, can do it all in the same zone, and it's just a question of expending the time to do so. Not knocking crafting obviously; but anybody can do it, it's just a question of putting the time in. And once you do it on one crafter, on the next it's exactly the same process, only difference is what recipes you have (and each level 90 crafter gives a 20% xp bonus to all the other crafters on the same account, so it's actually a little easier the next time).

      The crafting quests help a little, at least by breaking the tedium and making things a little interesting. But most I haven't found too necessary... the extra xp is cancelled out by the extra running around you have to do to get them. I'd say the crafting epic is worth it, and you need to do the SF crafting line for the sake of getting the SF faction recipes, but other than that they're pretty much optional for the most part.

      Not saying it's not a worthwhile endeavor posting links to them and such or organizing them by level. Go for it, I say. It's just well, there's not a whole lot to this. Probably why this site gets visited a lot but the forums aren't especially active; there's just not all that much to talk about once you have the information.
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