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Axe and Ye Shall Receive

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  • Axe and Ye Shall Receive

    This is a new quest given by a guide in Butcherblock Mountains. When and exactly where to find the guide seems to vary from server to server, but on my server (najena) the guide announced that he was there on the 1-9 channel. It seems they are either in East or West Irontoe Forts or at the Greater Fay zone.

    The quest itself requires you to find axes. They are clickable items in buildings in East and West Irontoe Forts. There are also 6 clickable axes on the wall just inside Kaladim. Basically, if you can survive the trip into Kaladim then you can do the quest.

    The book is scribable by any level 9 tradeskiller. It contains 9 recipes for decorative axes you can place in your home.
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    Here are the rest of the axes ..... and the recipe book.
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      Recipes are all identical.

      Technique ~ Metalworking
      Device ~ Forge
      Raws ~ 1 bronze, 1 tin, 1 rawhide pelt, 1 malachite, 2 coal.
      Howlingmoon Wolvespirit
      Wardeness of the 81st Moon
      Carpenter of the 90th Combine
      Tinkerer of the 450th Cog
      Najena's First 350 Tinkerer
      Alpha of Sorrows End
      Sorrows End Decor Hall, South Qeynos, Najena (Currently under construction.)

      Buffy Somers Master Woodworker
      Dragonforge Master Weaponsmith
      Dragons Blood Master Alchemist
      Howlingmoon Wolvespirit Master Carpenter, 400 Tinkerer
      Marzipan Master Provisioner
      Moonfinder Midst Master Tailor
      Nosferatuu Master Provisioner
      Purrr Tee Master Jeweler
      Sorrows End Master Woodworker
      Lady Starmyst Master Sage
      Tiripsevlow Noomgnilwoh Master Carpenter, 400 Tinkerer
      Warfrost Master Armorer

      Progress towards 1350 (12 main crafters, 2 Tinkerers, 1 Transmuter @ 90/450) = 1152.


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        Thanks muchly!

        And ..... tada!!!


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          Many thanks. Not shabby for level 9.