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Submitting tradeskill guides

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  • Submitting tradeskill guides

    Have you written a tradeskill-related guide for EQ2 that you'd like to see on the EQ2 Traders Corner site? If so, please post a copy of it in this forum. This will allow members and staff alike to give feedback, correct errors and omissions, etc., and allow you a chance to rewrite it (if needed) before going on the site.

    By posting it to this forum, you're giving EQ2Traders Corner permission to reprint it on the site, so, do NOT submit something that someone else wrote, only your own original work - we need the original author's permission before we can reprint it.

    (If you have something in one of the other forums already that you wish to have considered for inclusion on the site, please post a note in that thread that you'd like it moved over here.)
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    We now have a tradeskill guide editor, Mebrhea, who will be helping with proofreading, formatting, and ultimately webbing the tradeskill guides that are submitted.



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      If we have a tip instead of a tradeskill guide, where is the best place to post it?

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        Drop it in this forum, and maybe we can get enough to compile into a list or such.



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          Basics of Experimentation


          The basics of experimenting require no explanation. you see an event and counter it before it times out. Doing so will get you to the coveted Visionary tag, However the chance that you will lose your item are high.

          Good news, there is a better way.

          Know the 6 events and what they do.

          1.) Calibrate.
          Decreases success chance 5%
          Increases Durability 10%
          2.) Revise
          Reduces progress by 5%
          Increases success chance by 10%
          3.) Enhance
          Reduces durability by 5%
          Increases progress by 10%
          4.) Edit
          Reduces durability by 5%
          Increases success chance by 10%
          5.) Tweak
          Decreases success chance by 5%
          Increases progress by 10%
          6.) Augment
          Decreases progress by 5%
          Increases durability by 10%

          So all one needs to do is determine what you need to increase and apply the proper keys.

          1 and 6 add to Durability
          ( -5 Success +10 Durability) +
          ( -5 Progress + 10 Durability) =
          +20 Durability with a slight loss to
          Progress and Success chance.

          Since the loss of durability results in loss of your item this seems like a no brainer.

          3 and 5 add to Progress
          ( -5D +10P ) + ( -5S + 10P ) =
          +20P with a slight loss of D and S

          Progress makes you finish sooner.

          2 and 4 add to success chance
          ( -5P +10S ) + ( -5D + 10S ) =
          +20S with a slight loss of D and P

          My method of experimenting is to rely heavily on 1 and 6 for durability and mix in
          3 and 5 for progress. hopefully keeping my durability high and keeping the progress bar moving nicely.

          I do most of my experimenting on a forge since it isn't required to be at the crafting station on which your item was created.. The main advantage I find is periodically (every 4 seconds) the forge will puff or wheeze, this sound coincides with a possible event. Handy little built in timer.

          So start your experiment and Double check the stat you are modifying, I have on multiple occasions mis-clicked and increased the wrong stat

          When I am experimenting I will have my left hand on the 1-2-3 keys on the keyboard and my right hand on the 4-5-6 on the number pad. for me its more comfortable.

          Your modification has been selected and all you need to do is confirm to start experimenting.

          Once an event happens you have about 4 seconds to respond correctly. Also it is my experience that the keys I press seem to have more impact when there is an event present.


          An event pops up and you counter it.
          The event icon turns green and you are safe.

          while the event icon is green now is the time to press other buttons to increase your Durability and Progress.

          The absolute safest way to do this is by only pressing one additional button. 1 or 6 or with high durability and low progress or
          5 and 3 to increase progress.

          As you comfort level increases with the experimenting system you can add additional keys to your rotation.

          Normally I find 1-5-6 keep the durability up with a bump to progress

          If you get an event and the counter to the event is on cool down. Push the counter and the outline will light up indicating it will

          If you get an event and the counter to the event is on cool down. Push the counter and the outline will light up indicating it will occur when it is off cool down and your event will then go green. Take precautions that you do not hit another buttons or you will trigger the incorrect one.

          When you do miss a counter to an event
          STAY CALM if you don't stay calm you can miss other counters triggering the loss of your item.

          Additional notes

          Success chance increase/decrease, once an event has been countered and green success chance is no longer matters for the duration of the event. Hitting other keys with a +/- to success will no longer be included in the equation.

          Each event has a duration of about 4 seconds countered or not. If you hit the counter late usually due to cool down issues be aware that you will sometimes not have time to press more keys. So be cognizant of the time you lost while waiting for the cool down.

          Jerol ~ Oasis Server May 24 2015

          available in player written book on Oasis feel free to create other books on other servers.