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Any new tinkering items since Velious?

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  • Any new tinkering items since Velious?

    Just came back after a break and was wondering if any new tinkered items have been added since Velious, in particular with the Sky Shrine updates and the level cap rise to 92. I know adornments are same old for now... is it the same for tinkering?

    I did a quest today in the Withered Lands called Techgnical Difficulties, given to me by a guide. I got a house item book about his experiments and a clockwork assassin plushy... but sadly, no actual recipe to make my own clockwork assassins.

    Anyway, that got me in the mood to tinker. Thanks for any info you have!

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    The only new tinkering stuff was the house item recipes with the recent Tinkerfest. Hopefully, with the upcoming expansion in November, we will see more tinkering recipes. {fingers crossed}


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      Thanks for the reply! I'm guessing if you missed the tinkerfest, you can't get those recipes until next year, right?