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T3 tinkering - Loams

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  • T3 tinkering - Loams

    I didn't see anything about this listed in the tinkering guide.

    I hope this helps others with tinkering. The loam needed to just skill up thru T3 requires 8 loams for most combines.

    For those wanting to know how much loam is needed for T3, (20-29), I have found that it would take a minimum of 400 (2 stacks) of loam to get thru this tier.
    8 loams per combine x 50 points per tier, = 400 minimum.
    That assumes no missed skill ups. But you know you are gonna have some combines that won't skill up, so figure to add at least 100 more loams (about 12 more combines...). So that makes it 500 loam. I would bet that 600 would be a safer amount to collect.

    So, I hope this helps if anyone wanted to know how many loams to have saved up for this tier.

    Thanks all

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    Hmm. That's good to know. I got to 446 Tinkering and never actually stopped to count all the loam. Well, I guess I'll stop complaining about how much loam I get when I harvest...