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question about new LU and tinker FD items

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  • question about new LU and tinker FD items

    Hey all!

    I have red on Niamis notes:
    Tinkered feign death items now share their own unique reuse timer and should no longer interfere with the adorning tradeskill arts.

    Could anyone please explain what this is exactly? Is it that all FD items share the same timer (aka you can only use one and all get reuse timer)?If so, what does that have to do with adorning?

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    I'm assuming there were two issues: a bug where there were different reuse timers on different FD items, and there were exploit concerns, and a different bug where somehow one of the fd items accidentally used one of the adorning timers ... making anyone who did adorning shortly after using an FD item unable to use that specific adorning art because it was still counting down the FD timer ... or something.

    Basically, things were slightly broken in ways that only a rare few noticed and this fixed it. {eyes cross}