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Gnarmy - is it back?

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  • Gnarmy - is it back?

    I noticed in the GU 57 patch notes that it states the Gnarmy tinkered item has a new appearance.

    What Gnarmy? I didn't have it in my recipe book at the time I read this, and no obtain information was available on the wiki or on the in-game broker in the form of blueprints.

    Denmum or others, do you know if this item is coming back, and how we get it?

    And if it magically shows up in my book when I can actually log in, I'll let you know.

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    It is used in a new crafting quest series in Steamfont Mountains - you are given one as part of your test materials to abuse test dummies - you don't get to keep it, and you don't get a recipe for it.


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      Aww shucks. Well thanks for the speedy reply! Gno gnarmy for me...