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A word about Test (UPDATED July 26, 2008)

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  • A word about Test (UPDATED July 26, 2008)

    The Test server is where players get to Test changes to the game before they hit the regular (or "live") servers.

    Some of these changes may never hit the live servers, due to issues found during this testing phase. Others will get changed quite a bit.

    Take anything that is on the Test server with a grain of salt ... or three ... things can change between the time it hits Test and when it's decided to be acceptable for the Live servers

    That warning having been given, Test can be a great way to check out proposed changes, give feedback, help catch bugs before they become something nasty on Live, etc.

    There are now TWO Test servers.
    • "Test" is for folks who want to have a permanent character or characters to test with, and has a population of players that call it their home server. There are some fabulous folks there, and lots of really dedicated crafters. They use the created channel /test, oftentimes, to communicate with each other.
    • "Test_copy" is for players who want to use an existing character from a live server to check out specific changes, without having to level up characters from scratch. This can be good when you need specific resources, skills, spells, what have you, to test changes of interest to your class. Characters on test_copy are considered temporary, and anything you do there will not impact the character on live that you copied it from. Players can request that a character be copied to Test_copy with a /test copy command. If you want to communicate with folks on the more permanent "Test" server, you use the channel /test_test
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