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Free Level 100 Heroics on Test

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  • Free Level 100 Heroics on Test

    You may now unlock level 100 trial heroics on Test for permanent play, courtesy of Kander. Create the free heroic at character select on the Test server client, then head to Qeynos or Freeport, depending on your alignment and get the buffing bauble from "Finch". Details can be found here:

    Remember: Test is a permanent population and copies are not allowed, so the free level 100s are meant to let you jump start your Test character instead of starting from scratch. (We do need testing at any and every level range for world events, so any lower level characters that you have over there are still useful. )

    Remember to "/join test" when you're over there, to be able to chat with testers even when they're on their live servers (from live servers, you would /join test.test). If you are short on coin, and are a member, remember that you can get bags of platinum from the loyalty merchants.