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Nights of the Dead 2017 on Test!

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  • Nights of the Dead 2017 on Test!

    NoTD is now active on Test. I'm starting to test it in a few, and will have a preview when time and testing permit.


    Nights of the Dead has been activated on Test server!

    Nights of the Dead brings goblins and ghoulies out from the shadows. Those inclined to celebrate the holiday through crafting will find a new book of recipes full of new house items being sold by official event merchants. And those feeling more adventurous can hunt ghosts in Antonica, and the Commonlands, or investigate the multiple haunted locations! Grab a shovel and dig up a ghoulish good time in any of the decorated cities! As always, tricks and treats are the name of the game!

    New Features for '17!
    TLE Fallengate No availability
    TLE Stormhold All of the event is active, except a lost necklace cannot be looted from A Gleaming Chest in The Hedge Hollow.

    New events!
    Wake the Dead Grab a shovel and scare up some tricks or treats in the cities!

    New quest!
    Broken Mirrors Repeatable once, per year

    New achievements!
    Calcified skeleton kills [series] - Boneafied Threat / Dead Wringer / Skeleton Crew
    Wake the Dead

    New costume illusions available from holiday merchants!
    Sarnak Skeleton

    The Nights of the Dead merchants have new things to sell!
    Celebrations of the Dead X
    New house items!
    New Petamorph Wands!

    Returning features:
    In-game mail informs everyone of the event!

    Candy Crusher
    Baying at the Moon [series]
    Closet Full of Skeletons
    Tricky Treats
    Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire
    Nights of the Dead Devotee

    A Swinging Wake
    The Hollow Hedge Collection
    Crunchy Candied Crickets
    Deadly Remnants
    Frightfull Fabric
    Ghoulish Masks
    The Great Haunt

    Headless Horseman Epic X2 Event in Nektulos Forest.
    Haunted House in Qeynos and Freeport.
    Haunted Mansion in Loping Plains
    Haunted Hedgemaze Zone in Nektulos Forest!
    Calcified skeletons spawning in Antonica, the Commonlands, and Nektulos Forest.
    Ponchy's quest line in Antonica.
    Gigglegibber Goblins in the player cities that cast illusion costumes on players.
    Candy drops! Including creatures in KA

    "A Dream, By Any Other Name"
    "Survive the Night"
    "The Haunting"
    "This Won't End Well..."
    "There Will Be Ghosts"
    "A Nightmarish Illness"
    "A Nightmarish Return"

    Ghost Hunter: Commonlands
    Ghost Hunter: Antonica

    This event content is currently set to run 10/6/17 through 11/2/17 on the live servers.