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Workshop Tasks not updating

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  • Workshop Tasks not updating

    I've received quite a few workshop tasks lately for Apprentice III Runes. None of them are updating the tasks. I've had to go and get different tasks each time.

    Also, I received a Writ for Self Preservation (Apprentice III) from NQ and EQTraders lists it as a Scholar Essentials Volume 17 recipe but it isn't in my recipe list and I have scribed that recipe book. Also missing is Walk Lightly, from same recipe book.

    It seems that they have changed, renamed, or otherwise adapted these rune recipes for the new system but haven't made the equivalent changes to the quests and tasks offered in tradeskill instances.

    So, this isn't a complaint or a question, more a headsup that there are some really irritating issues here.

    Oh and if anyone knows where I get the Self Preservation rune recipe from now, I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks.

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    Level 1-20 spells/runes/essences were changed a lot with the new player progression changes. Sadly, we've not got all the details of the changes submitted to the site - and it's pretty clear that the writs were not properly updated to reflect the changes. I'm guessing that the rune in question no longer exists. I've got something in the bug list that is stickied in the General Tradeskills Discussion forum about it, but there's so much in that list that it is easy to miss.