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silver clusters

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  • silver clusters

    Sorely need silver clusters! Im willing to trade similar legendary items 1:1.

    I have Glowing Flower, 2 Blackened Iron, Yarrow willing to trade any 1 for 1 Silver Cluster Thanks! Email me or reply this post and ill email/post when we can meet online. Ciao

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    Might want to let us know what server your on =)

    Also, I would like to share with you a little 101 in rare trading.

    Any of the flowers, teeth, stones from glimmering to lambent are more correctly considered to be uncommon items, not rares. These are used to make the extracts which crafters can imbue items with. Therefore you are very unlikely to find anyone willing to accept a trade of these rather common items for their rare.

    When trading rares, consider the tier of the item. As an example, trading a yarrow for a silver cluster is not a good deal for the recipient. Yarrow is tier 1 and silver is tier 2. The blackened iron would be an even trade for silver though.

    Silver is a tier 2 rare. Fair 1:1 trades for it would include sisal, rough coral, blackened iron, or severed bone.

    A GREAT way to get your silver is to auction in the zones where the item you need drops. Antonica and Commonlands are your best bet here. Another way is to auction on the tradeskill channel, the traders channel, or the adventure channel for that level range or one above it.

    Good luck!


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      Firstly, please do not post multiple threads on the same topic.

      Second, if you are looking to trade, you definitely need to indicate which server you are on - otherwise no one will know if they can trade with you.

      Third, please post all trade and server specific information to the server specific boards.

      Thank you!

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