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Mind Blast Missing?

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  • Mind Blast Missing?

    I tried to make my level 18 enchanter Mind Blast yesterday, one of the new spells, and had a level 15 and a level 17 MIND JOLT in my recipes, but found no Mind Blast.

    I made Both Jolts, to make sure one wasn't just misnamed, but both created "Jolt" not Blast.

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    Make sure to bug it and mention it in the bug thread in the general forum.

    Converting Spoken to Written Language - Common Errors in English


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      There are a lot of spells that have been removed and replaced with new versions. It is explained in the letters on the SOE site. For Scholar info and changes related to the combat/release 13 changes, feel free to post them here:

      For anything directly related to the DoF expansion post them here:


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        Other missing spells

        There are other spells just outright missing trade upgrades. I wanted to make the upgrades to my Summoner's "Summoner's Mark" and "Rock Blast" spells, but neither one exists apparently. I'm sure there are more of these new spells missing for other classes, looks like they hurried to put in the new spells and forgot to add in their trade counterparts. Rock Blast is meant to replace the Lightning spells summoner's get earlier on, so it's kinda important to be able to upgrade that one . At least those are the only 2 spells missing up to level 19.