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  • Plea for Sanity

    OK I am perplexed, L90 epic bookbinding elderly master sage (Order of the Guiding Light, Runnyeye server) here.

    back in realms of time before most of you were born we had guild patrons (six of us) we leveled the guild.

    I think this was in the L50 cap era!

    Now for the meat of it, in that era, eons ago I used to craft writ giving npc's, in the form of a book, that npc enabled me with the help of my trusty clipboard to craft guild writs at home.

    OK I admit I am a grandparent and have been so for many years, I can no longer find the recipe, is all this a figment of my imagination?
    I actually still have my clipboard in my home crafting area, so perhaps I don't have senial dementia.

    can anyone remember the name of this recipe please, I really need it to empower the second crafting area in my guildhall

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    Master Service Summoning Scroll for the work orders, Grandmaster Service Summoning Scroll for the rush orders. They are RoK faction recipes for sages.

    If you want to make these yourself, and you need some help with RoK factions in order to purchase the recipe, you might want to check out the New Lands, New Profits quest and then the RoK Daily Faction quests