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ancient teachings of: vampire bats

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  • ancient teachings of: vampire bats

    ancient teachings of: vampire bats

    Does anyone know where to find this? level 35 necro spell

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    The level 35 version of the special spells are in the K'lorn books, sold at the camps for the Bloodlines Chronicles in Nektulos Forest. (If you've not done the questline, you may find what you need by searching the broker for "K'Lorn".) If that's as clear as mud, I'll try to get you some more details later, including locs and such.


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      I'm not sure what you said but thank you


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        The first adventure pack, the Bloodlines Chronicles, introduced one new spell/combat art for every adventuring class. These are crafted by the appropriate scholar (sage, alchemist, jeweler) from recipes sold in the special bloodlines camps near Timber Falls in Nektulos Forest. In order to purchase the recipe books, you must complete certain parts of the Bloodlines quest series. Since the recipe books are tradeable, however, you can also have someone who has completed the series purchase them for you. The books are: Alchemist's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Alchemist's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Jeweler's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Jeweler's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Sage's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Sage's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic.
        Taken from

        The one you want would be the Sage's Study, or Advanced Sage's Study, depending on if you were looking for the journeyman or expert version of the recipe.


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          thank you

          thank you


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            Part 2 Ancient teachings of: Vampire Bats

            That solved my immediate problem (I was looking for the wrong thing) and I did those quests and never purchased books. Thank you. What started my question is someone selling a scroll Ancient teachings of: Vampire Bats. This has the spell Vampire Bats II Level 53.
            I think it is for a conjurer but as EQ2 always does they leave something out of their info overload.

            Do you have any idea where he got that scroll. He is asking 6p



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              Answer and thank you again

              you buy it at the court in maj dal It's the name change that is confusing used to be hoard of bats

              Thank you again for your help


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                They also made them no trade so the guy asking 6p probably has the last one that is uncommon.

                Leave it to eq2 They just like to increase the 3 meg playing WOW


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                  Basically the idea of just developing a tradeskill character is impossible. You have to make him an adventerur.

                  So much for playing as you would like. WOW here I come. looks better every day


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                    The level 50-something Ancient Teaching scrolls can be either purchased in a Maj'Dul court if you have the faction (and you can, in theory, buy the tokens to get the faction, instead of adventuring, if you're really stubborn), or you can get it in a chest drop from a level 50-59 mob.

                    I'm hoping/suspecting that now that there are achievements that lure folks back into those levels via automentoring (chronomagic), that the books will be a bit more common, but it will take a bit of time for us to see.


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                      Good to know, headed there to check out the scrolls....know my sage is missing some! =)