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Bethzid, Rliss, Darnak Crafting Recipes

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  • Bethzid, Rliss, Darnak Crafting Recipes

    Just curious how many/who has collected enough faction for the RoK recipes. I just started yesterday, and have dedicated 2 hours every day for the rest of this week and next to grind faction via TS for these recipes. The fastest I was able to grind out faction was 10k per hour, so I have a lot of brainless grinding to go haha.

    My sage is now 73, so I figure I'll get to 80 grinding out faction with these three, which means at the very least I'll feel like I'm killing two birds with one stone. The TS increase per writ completion is really low, so the increase is slow, but's not like I wont be doing writs for hours (days really) anyway.

    Anyway, sorry for the digression. Have you picked up the RoK recipes yet? Which server are you on? How much are the crafted items selling for on your server? Lastly, congrats to all of those who have done this! It takes a signficant amount of dedication and focus to get these!

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    I'm just now getting my sage (79) finished with the Bathezid faction needed for the epic, and am not rushing towards the faction recipes for sage for 2 reasons.

    1 - there's a couple other sages in the guild with the faction (via combat) to make all the sage items.

    2- I'm the only guild carpenter, tailor, and alchie able to make any of the RoK stuff, and am usually the only provi available for wishbones on a regular basis. The carpenter was totally done via crafting grinding, the provi is crafting-grinding the final faction now (and did the crafting grind on the other two). The tailor did hers via combat. The alchie has 2 of the 3 via combat writs, and is working on the third (ding, 80 mystic!) now.

    When I get done with the provi, next will be the jeweler on the grind, since I also have the only 80 jeweler.

    The newly-epic'ed woodworker will wait and do hers via adventuring (74 warden and climbing), since we've got an epic woodworker already on the right factions.


    Now that the price on the chromatic essences has dropped (STILL irks me when we get an ornate chest or such with just an essence in it) quite a bit, the sell prices on the various recipes isn't all that impressive, but it is nice to have some variety in the sales crates.


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      o.O Wow...this is my first EQ2 toon, so I'm just trying to get my sage up to speed. haha I played EQ1, and so far, I think the tradeskill system in EQ2 is mucccchhhh easier on the player; just my opinion though.

      Quick question on increasing faction with the RoK clans. What do you recommend as an approach to getting to 30k faction with each of the clans? I know some of the quests will give you 5k faction, so obviously I don't need to grind all the way from -40k to 30k faction in each group.

      I was thinking that grinding up to about 0-10k faction would be enough, and then doing the quests for the rest of the faction. Would that work?


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        Originally posted by Azakama View Post
        I was thinking that grinding up to about 0-10k faction would be enough, and then doing the quests for the rest of the faction. Would that work?
        That is what I did on my provie / necro. He mixed it up some, just for variety and because the quests were good aa and not bad xp. He is the only one I have that is high enough adventurer, so all the others are grinding writs whenever I get bored or have a book to read or the like. I think I could have gotten the faction into the 15-20k range on just the quests, so worst case you only HAVE to grind out about the first 10-15k.

        - Ernie


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          OK, thanks. I worked Rliss faction to 0k and it didn't take but another hour or so to get the other 30k via questing. Definitely faster to level faction if you have at least one other person to quest with (still doable solo, just a little slower).

          I'm off to work on Bethezid now. I'll probably do the same thing and grind via TS to around -10k to 0k and then quest from there.
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