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level 90 advanced?

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  • level 90 advanced?

    Is there a quest for the level 90 advanced book? The withered lands gave me 91 and 92 advanced and regular books, but i'm looking for the 90 advanced.

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    Short version:

    Yes, it is a bit backwards-seeming, but at 93, you can quest for it.

    Long-winded version:

    Initially, the stuff in Withered Lands was named differently, to make it clear that it was special, and lumped the three levels of stuff (90-92) into 4 books. It ... confused people. Of course, the whole partial tier thing confused people mightily, too, so ... {shrug}

    Anyway, they eventually renamed them into essentials and advanced 91/92 for those wanting some consistency, and there was no 90.

    Then, with ToV, they backtracked and gave everyone some special level 90 spells, and made sure everyone, including provisioner, had something to go in both an essentials and advanced, and threw the advanced book into the ToV questline starter.

    This, of course, has spoiled provisioners, many of whom seemed to think that because they had advanced 90, 91, and 92, they would keep on getting advanced books. They go back to only essentials again, though, like they did pre-90.



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      ah ha! Now i see it on that quest line: Captain's lament. i wasn't thinking it would come *after* the 91-92 quest line.

      Thanks Mum.

      And as a provisioner, i LIKE not having those expensive advanced books to buy from the broker. My poor sage still doesn't have 97 and 98, he'll have to wait till my adventurer main gets that high - he's only a 93 monk right now.