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Mitigation Stats on crafted pieces

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  • Mitigation Stats on crafted pieces

    Hello....this is my first post but not my first time on your site. I come here ofter to get information and clarification on many tradeskill questions and haven't been disappointed yet.

    I have both an armorer and a tailor in my character list and have noticed a very annoying inconsistency recently; the mitigation stats displayed when examining a piece before crafting are considerably higher (50 to 80) than after crafting.

    Example: I just crafted a full set of lvl 70 Plate armor. The mitigation stats before crafting showed 433 (head and chest) and 404 (all other pieces). After crafting the respective values were 360 and 336.

    A petition to SOE resulted in them saying that some UI windows have always had this problem and that all the values are correct.

    The information in your "Fashion" section shows stats much higher than the final product.

    Is anyone else seeing this or is this in fact normal?

    Thank you,

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    My first, pre-caffeine question is - what adventuring level is the person viewing the gear? Are they, perchance, below the level that can equip it?

    I have to admit that I haven't paid attention to the MIT numbers in a while, but we've seen in the past where things like potions, poisons and the level 90 raid arrows report incorrect numbers if you are below the level that can use them. (The default UI tries to scale something that cannot scale due to level limits).

    We've always seen this on food and drink, because it does scale if you're lower than the recommended level ... but when gear, etc does it, it can be beyond confusing.

    I'll try to remember to eyeball this the next time I'm in game, if somebody doesn't beat me to it.



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      Thanks for your prompt reply. Both my tailor and armorer are lvl 90 adventurers, so I don't think the problem is there.



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        Is it possible you've got some "+mitigation %" items (or AA, etc, like the brawler make-leather-almost-as-good-as-chain effects) on your armorer/tailor? Those will change the values you see.


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          Prrasha....I think you're on to something here. It seems that after I equipped these items the mitigation stat trended upward. My character had items equipped that increased mitigation by a certain % and although the numbers aren't exact, this seems to be a logical reason for the inconsistencies in the displayed stats.

          Thank you very much for your input.