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    Tier 9

    As always this information is from Beta and may change before it goes live (TM Den'Mum )

    As 'Mum has said in the Clearing House the scout expert spells now use Ulteran Diamond as the primary component. This applies to tier 9 only.

    Mastercrafted Jewelry (apart from a few exceptions) take Brellium Ore as the primary component. Mastercrafted jewelry is equippable at level 84.

    The exceptions are the faction recipes (last time I checked). I think there may be some neck and waist items using pelts or roots.

    There are three sets of handcrafted and mastercrafted resist jewelry - ear, wrist and finger slot items. As soon as I can I will post the exact names and stats. There are no resist items for the neck slot.

    Edit Although the mastercrafted resist jewelry is called "Ulteran Diamond Noxious Stud" et cetera it takes Brellium Ore as its primary component.

    Information about eight of the faction recipes:

    All these items are Mastercrafted, Lore-Equip, equippable at level 89

    Thinkers' earring: +18 sta +45 wis +45 int +215 health +287 power
    6.6% Crit Chance 1.1% Potency Slot Ear

    Thinkers' band: stats as earring. Slot Finger

    Quelling orb: +14 sta +36 wis +36 int +172 health +230 power
    5.6% crit chance 2% potency Slot Secondary/ranged
    Used by all mages, all priests, paladin, shadowknight

    Quelling sash: +18 sta +45 wis +45 int +215 health +287 power
    +8 disruption +8 ministration +8 ordination +8 subjugation
    2% potency Slot Waist

    Stonebound band: +45 str +18 sta +45 agi +287 health +215 power
    6.6% Crit Chance 1.1% Crit bonus Slot Finger

    Stonebound stud: stats as band Slot Ear

    Stonebound bracelet: stats as band Slot Wrist

    Stonebound belt: +45 str +18 sta +45 agi +287 health +215 power
    +8 Crushing +8 Piercing +8 Ranged +8 Slashing
    2% Potency Slot Waist

    I didn't get the stats for the thinkers' bracelet but I expect it is similar to the rest of the set. I cannot recall what the primary component is for each recipe but it is either Kaborite Cluster or Ulteran Diamond

    Changes to tiers 1 - 8

    The only changes I am aware of is that the stats on the resist jewelry are combined. For example the Ruby Arcane Locked will now have stats vs Arcane which replaces vs Magic and vs Mental

    I will edit or add to this as (hopefully) I level my jeweler

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    Effects a lot more than just jewelry, but yes, resists are simplified; there are now only three resists, rather than 6. They basically merged two closely related ones into one resist.

    They are now: Arcane (formerly magic and mental), Elemental (formerly heat and cold), and Noxious (formerly disease and poison).

    Note that t9 scout skill upgrades use the rare t9 gem (ulteran diamond); there is no such thing as t9 loam (t1 thru t8 loam still very much exists).

    As mentioned most t9 jewelry items use hard metal (rare t9 hard metal: brellium) rather than soft metal or gems, so as not to compete with the demand for spell upgrades. A very welcome change imo!

    It seems the Researchers of Quel'ule faction jewelry would likely be most desirable by mages (and perhaps some priests) as you'd likely expect. Fighters and scouts would probably prefer the standard jewelry (though some, scouts especially, may desire the stonebound items).

    You need +40k faction with Researchers of Quel'ule in order to purchase the faction recpies (they also sell the standard t9 advanced recipes).
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