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  • Jewelcrafting non-spell recipes

    Is there a way to filter out the spell recipes when I look at jewelcrafting recipes on the site? Also, are there enough player-made jewelry pieces to really be worth making a jeweler? So far all I'm seeing is spell runes for the scout classes, which neither I nor the hubby play.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    I'm afraid the database is a horrid mess, and we've not wasted a lot of time fancying up the search, since the data itself is a total mess.

    Jewelry was just changed with GU48, and it will be a while before our database is caught up. Folks just aren't submitting the information, and my few volunteers are pretty burnt out from all the changes that our beloved Domino has made to fix and improve tradeskills. While we love and adore the changes, the database is not so happy about it, and the harder we scramble to catch up, the more behind we end up when another update nullifies everything we just went in and updated. :O

    All that having been said, there's a passable amount of jewelry in each tier. Tier 1 is weak on stuff, but after that, each tier generally has 3 caster and 3 tank ring imbues, tank wrist, caster wrist, tank ear, caster ear, a neck piece or two, a couple belts, several symbol/tome/etc secondary/ranged items ... and then a bunch of resist jewelry.

    That having been said, would it be worth it to make a jeweler if neither you nor your hubby have scouts? Not an easy answer, since I don't know your server's market, nor how much you enjoy crafting for others. Much of a scholar's work, unless they're really good at guessing the market, will be in orders from other players.


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      First of all, I'm honored by a response from the Mistress of Tradeskills herself! As a long-time reader and poster from EQTraders 1, your reputation preceeds you!


      Second, given your feedback I may stick with my jeweler out of curiosity if nothing else. Let me know what sort of info I need to submit on pieces and I will try to get you updated data. However, my Jeweler is only lvl 21 so this may go pretty slowly.


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        I have a jeweler, who also happens to be a troub, so she is able to upgrade herself as she goes.

        I play on Everfrost and am happy to say that my jeweler, if my provisioner is being lazy brings in my most coin. This comes from commissions (which happen to be a lot of repeats as they go thru the levels), guildies, whom I don't charge, but still drop a coin donation my way, as well as the items that make and sell on the market. I seem to make the most coin the specialty spells as there seems to be few of them on the market.

        I hope that this helps you with your continuation of your jeweler.

        Also, Niami what is it that you need to have submitted to update the databases, I would be more then happy to help if I can.


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          Stats on all jewelry items in all tiers need to be redone. At this point, however, with how much everything under the sun has changed, what I really need to do is a book-by-book check of everything, for every class, level and tier, and that's overwhelming me enough that I'm not getting anything accomplished right now. {wry}

          We're still thinking about going to a wiki format, so folks can just add stuff as they trip over it, but with the EQ expansion next month, and the EQ2 expansion the following month, it may not end up with a formal decision for a couple months.

          Thankfully, folks seem to come more for the guides and galleries than for the database, so I'm trying to not feel too badly about the database.


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            I'd be happy to help, but I hate to say it, but I have no idea what's missing...

            I do love my jeweler and not that I have ever kept track, but she brings me in probably the most amount of money of all my tradeskillers similar to my carpenter. And most of it is from comissions.

            And compared to other tradeskills I have found scholars to be the easiest to level due to the amount of recipes they get over other classes.

            Also, as Mum mentioned there is a decent amount of crafting for others. The markets do ebb and flow, but I always try to keep in stock items for quests. They seem to be the fastest sellers.
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              Originally posted by hyelaw View Post
              I'd be happy to help, but I hate to say it, but I have no idea what's missing...
              With the stat updates in the last couple of patchs, I think the point is that /every/ JC'd piece of gear is 'missing', in the sense that it's either 1) not in the DB or 2) in the DB with incorrect stats.


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                Filtering out the spells is easy, just write -adept -apprentice in the name field.


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                  Originally posted by Poisonflash View Post
                  Filtering out the spells is easy, just write -adept -apprentice in the name field.
                  Yes, NOW it is that easy - those filtering options just went in with the last update. This thread was started before that was available, though.

                  -(a would also do the trick quite handily.



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                    ok, i'm a daft old bear...

                    could some one give me the exact page and syntax to use to get said filtering to work? i want to see all the jewlery made by jewelcrafters but none of the spells and i can't figure out how to filet using the -(a thingie


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                      Actually, putting "-(a" in the search field probably won't work for all spells... apprentice spells in tier 8, anyway, don't have parentheses in the recipe name.

                      (Putting "-adept -appr" in the search field should work, as mentioned earlier.)

                      Bardbear: the recipe search now works like the broker... any word (or fragment) you enter must be in the name of the recipe, and any word (or fragment) you enter with a minus sign in front of it must not be in the name of the recipe. So...
                      "dekl" will find all recipes with "deklium" in the name.
                      "dekl ban" will find deklium bands, bangles, and the imbued band recipes.
                      "dekl ban -g" will not show bangles, or the imbued band of strength.

                      This is more useful, as before this change, there was no way to find "iron" items without simultaneously finding all "blackened iron" and "feyiron" items, unless you made a separate recipe-book filter for each such search...


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                        ooooooh waitaminute... i thought we were talking about the search on EQTraders... y'all are talking about the broker...

                        i REALLY wish i could filter out the spells from the scholar lists (and also filter the spells just by class) here on EQtraders... i want to see what can be made easily, right now the list is just too long for my old dyslexic eyes to handle.