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  • Jewelcrafting is the Pits

    Why does it seem like I am using the buttons to increase durability more than those that increase progress?

    Haven't attempted my first Rush Order, but is it even possible?

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    What level are you?

    Crafting Pre-L40 is indeed much more difficult, and thats true for ALL classes. Once you break 40 it becomes significantly easier and you can start hitting progress instead of durability more often. Post 60 its pretty much cake.
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      I found I was able to start doing rush orders consistently in the 50s (for the most difficult rush order available) and was able to do the easiest ones most of the time, in the low 40s. Part of that may be that post-50 I had the Isle of Mara tradeskill device to boost skill. By level 57, I'm actually having enough time to be able to compensate for running out of raws, or missing a combine, and still completing the writ.

      I don't know if that helps you at all-- My provisioner and tailor both had a much easier time doing writs from the lower levels. On the flip side, the Jeweler has so many more recipes than either of those other two classes, that I very seldom needed to do writs to get through a level, once discovery exp had been fully used up.

      In summary, here's light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not just the oncoming train, and there are compensations built into the class also.


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        At the lower levels I didn't do many writs at all on my Jeweler because of all the recipe discoveries. Higher levels (50+) I stopped doing all the disco's and just did the Rush Writs for the SP and Faction. I finish writs with 3-4 minutes to spare with no tradeskill tools, closer to 5 minutes with my epic buff.

        Provisioner even lower levels I haven't had to fight but my Alchemist in her 30's would finish with 30 seconds if I was lucky. 40's I'm finishing with 1-2 minutes.
        One thing to consider is where you're crafting. My Alchemist is in Neriak where I lag really really bad and figure that is a big factor in why I struggle so much. All my others are in Qeynos where I have little trouble with lag in the TS instances or even at IFE in NQ.