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Bloodlines upgrades

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  • Bloodlines upgrades

    I'm looking for the lvl 53 upgrades to these spells. I can't find them anywhere! I was told that you could purchase them in Maj Dul, I've looked all around in The Golden Sceptre and the Court of Truth and can find nothing. I went to Timber Falls in Nektulos and found nothing there either. Can someone help me locate them please! I have the upgraded versions on both my warlock and cleric (so I know they exist!), but I want to be able to craft them for my scouts as well.
    Dark Elf ~ 80 Inquisitor / 80 Provisioner / 212 Transmuter
    Human ~ 80 Dirge / 51 Armorer
    High Elf ~ 80 Warlock / 80 Jeweler / 279 Tinkerer
    Ratonga ~ 70 Necromancer / 80 Carpenter
    Froglok ~ 42 Ranger / 18 Weaponsmith
    Wood Elf ~ 44 Monk / 40 Woodworker
    Half Elf ~ 34 Paladin / 38 Tailor

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    Questions and answers are over at this thread, so closing this one.

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