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Jewelry Recipes after LU24?

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  • Jewelry Recipes after LU24?

    Many people have asked me for recipes I don't have (tier 2 10-19). I asked another online jeweler and he said I had to repurchase the 10-19 level advanced books after the LU24 update changes. Is this correct? Does anyone else have a recipe for silver necklaces or wrist items? I get asked for these all the time and don't have the recipes. I have not purchased the books over again either since Im not sure..... thanks

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    There are no tier 1 or tier 2 crafted wrist items anymore. There are also no silver neck pieces.

    As an FYI, if your recipe book says that you have already scribed a specific book, buying it again will do you no good, as you will not be able to scribe it again.



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      Thanks! i wasnt sure so I bought the books, but havent scribed them again. Guess ill be adding them to my salls listings =)


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        Originally posted by raider4evr
        Thanks! i wasnt sure so I bought the books, but havent scribed them again. Guess ill be adding them to my salls listings =)

        If you scribed the books pre-lu24 they will still have the same names as before. The important part is the number/lvl of the book.

        For example if your list says you have "Advanced Artisan Uber Book of Cloth armour 8". That would be identical to the current Advanced Artisan volume 8. And so there would be no need to rescribe the book.

        So long as you have 2 books (normally one essentials and one advanced but names may vary for pre-LU24) for each lvl between 2 and 69 you have all the standard ones.
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          oddly enough, the other day I got an artisan escutchion (sp is dreadful) vol 6 - That would be post-revamp. I would have expected to get adv. artisan 6



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            I just found this after looking for these recipies and bugging their disappearance. They left the T2 recipies for the imbued silver (and electrum for that matter) rings in game but removed the Silver and electrum band needed as a sub-component. Coral appears to be still there. It looks like the Silver Cluster now has officially no use.


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              1) Necropost?
              2) I've still got silver band recipes as of 13 seconds ago...


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                Bah I swear they went in my books last night. Had the stuff and could only see the imbues and the earring.