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HELP! Why Do You Craft?

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  • HELP! Why Do You Craft?

    Late last week I got tapped to join in a player panel on crafting at SOELive, and one of the topics it we'll be discussing is why folks craft in an online adventure game. So, while I have some pretty good ideas on my own, I'd like to turn to the community and ask - Why do YOU craft?


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    Because I prefer to collect random pieces from many things to create something I know the details of instead of killing the same critter hundreds of times waiting for something. Progression by steps rather than by random leap.

    Because it's an accomplishment.

    Because it's there and it gives me something to do with all those bits and pieces that exist. (This is the OCD/packrat speaking here - can't sell the stuff! It might be useful! Since I do this in-game, I've been able to wean myself out of it IRL. )

    Because it gives more depth to my characters other than "kill!"

    Because it usually gives cool stuff (though there's always a fight about how cool).

    In rough, but not exact, order of importance (i.e. how they came to mind - don't ask me which actually drives me more!)

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      I craft to help others, to decorate, for enjoyment, and for the 10% bonus experiance. but mostly to decorate and for enjoyment
      Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic


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        I craft for the enjoyment and it relaxes me after a long day. I love to make every item possible. I enjoy harvesting items.
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          I craft for two reasons. One, it's very soothing and peaceful, like meditation. It's a great way to relax. Two, I like starting out with nothing but a pile of raw materials and ending with something useful and needed. That's the real magic. I create the prize out of virtually worthless materials and without having to go out and kill creatures.

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            I like to be self-reliant. I dont depend on an item dropping, I dont depend on someone to make anything for me. My army of 12 crafters can make everything I want. Loot drops are just gravey.


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              It is a diversion away from the normal grind for xp/gear. The more diverse a game is the less chance there is of getting bored from it.

              And I think a lot of us crafters get a feeling of satisifaction from helping others.


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                I craft to contribute to my guild. I am not a great adventurer. I do not raid. I am on at odd hours. Without a hunting partner, i turn to crafting. Its relaxing, it makes useful things, and you hardly ever die.

                I love the carpentry skill - I like to decorate and to make things that are pretty - which means mostly stuff over lvl 50 since before then, a lot of it looks like the back end of a baboon.

                I find crafting to be relaxing, something i can do to benefit and level my character, contribute to the guild and to make things for my guild, to give to new folks who can't afford the broker's overpriced items and all can be done without having to focus and concentrate as you do while hunting. I can talk to my sig other or watch tv with my sister while crafting.


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                  I craft because I love to make things that I have absolutely no talent or ability to make in real life. I love making something, figuring out where to place it, and watching a house come to life before my eyes.

                  Crafting tiles, dividers, and turning them into a house for people to visit and view is such a great feeling. Making paintings, and borrowing other players ideas on making different things like bathrooms, kitchens, and more. There are a ton of talented and imaginative people who decorate, and I am proud to be a small part of that helpful community.