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Portable crafting stations 2.0 with unlimited charges

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  • Portable crafting stations 2.0 with unlimited charges


    I just came back from a break, and working through the CD TS Timeline, I noticed that I was missing a couple portable crafting station. I saw in my bags that I had a number of portable 2.0 stations with unlimited charges, but I could not find any of those on the broker. Everything said "1 charge; 15 mins", and when I bought and used one, it was consumed and gone. Was there a change I am not aware of? I have googled for info extensively, but can't find anything on this. Is there a special recipe I am missing? All my crafters are maxed in TS and, as far as I know, have all the recipes.

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    My apologies for the response delay! It's been so long since there's been much post activity here, and I haven't checked it as often as I should.

    Many months ago, a rather sweeping change was made to optional charm slot items that was supposed to make them able to be used from inventory. But, well, a lot of stuff was changed that shouldn't have been changed, and a lot of tinkered stuff broke in the process (tinkered crafting tools and so on). It also had the side-effect of turning portable crafting stations that existed at the time of the change into ones with unlimited charges.

    Needless to say, there were those who screamed that it ruined the market for crafting stations, and the recipes were fixed to make charged versions again. However, any portable stations that already existed were NOT turned back into charged versions, so, if you got lucky enough to have some that were unlimited, hang onto them for dear life.