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    i know its hard sometimes to think of something new and try to think on how to do it, so i thought *wouldnt it be usefull for people to post on what they are trying to do and get help from other people?* so if anyone needs help, we can just post what we're trying to do and what they need to make it happen in this forum currently, i am working on ideas for a crafting house of mine. here is what i plan to do:

    - i am using my thurgadin grand hall prestige house as my crafting house, structuring it, etc, when i thought of an idea. i decided *why not dedicate a large section not involved in crafting to each max level crafter??*

    -i need ideas for what to do for each crafter type! please help!
    Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic

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    I enjoy decorating my houses but please note I am nothing like a top designer - I do it to reflect my characters personalities - but here are a few ideas. Most of my girls are crafters and so in their homes I have an area which reflects their chosen profession. So, it's easy for tailors and armorers to display their products on mannequins. If you want to have a workshop then for example you can get lovely bolts of cloth for tailors and lots and lots of stuff for provisioners.

    So far I have managed to come up with themes for all my crafters except the jeweler - since she is a wizard and makes spells as well as jewels I have made her a study area packed with books and other scholarly bits and pieces. Not ideal but I could not think of anything better.

    Alternatively you may be thinking of an area for your crafters to relax which could reflect perhaps their race or chosen adventurer profession. My tailor is a Paladin halfling - so her home is full of food and drink for her friends to enjoy as well as the crafting area.

    Hope this gives you some ideas

    Happy decorating


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      thanks! i almost forgot about jeweler! i am, currently, thinking about getting another extra character slot off of the station marketplace, so i can have 9 characters and one of each crafter type (already got one extra character slot as a loot card from LoN)

      i do like the idea of a nice study for a jeweler room. for alchemist i was thinking getting a few of those lab tables from city merchants (cant remember which merchant in which city) and a lot of potion racks and such!
      Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic