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  • Looking for some lighting help...

    I'm trying to decorate a Felwithe Mansion and I'm having some difficulty finding something to light the exterior wall of the large central room, which is rather dark by default. I'm hanging a bunch of paintings and other wall items and I would like them to be more visible.

    So far, it seems the Tuptan Wall Sconce has the largest pool of light. Is there anything that puts out a larger area of light that would still be appropriate for this style of house? I haven't gotten into trying any of the mastercrafted lighting yet as I don't want to waste the rares on something I won't use.

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    That's going to be one of your better non-rare options, I'm going to guess. While the Redwood Teardrop Wall Lamp is supposed to be another strong lightsource, going from memory, the Tuptan (sconce and lamp) are better. There's also the Tall Redwood Street Lamp.


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      I wasn't terribly impressed with the Street Lamps as light sources. I would go with the others mentioned. I think there are brighter lights, but not in a compatible style.


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        Thanks for the suggestions.

        The redwood teardrop wall lamp is ok. Its a smaller area of light, but its more white (The Tuptan sconce is very yellow). I've also tried the ornate wall sconce (also from one of the Moors books), but its rather bluish (although its not that out of place considering how many of the braziers I've stolen from the Mirugul's Phylactery: The Anathema zone ). Haven't tried any of the floor lamps yet, should probably give a few of those a try next...

        The thing that really been kinda frustrating is how few people actually use lights that give off an area of light. I've lost track of how many houses I've toured off the leaderboard and I find very few that use anything beyond the natural lighting provided by the base house.


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          I can't say I've toured many houses, but I have been extremely annoyed by the difficulty of getting good area light in my own homes. I tend to ignore style completely and use quested Faydark Flower Torches and Fairy Lanterns for flood lighting when I can.

          I'm trying to remember the name of a crafted item I once made that produced a lot of light, but with a strong blue cast to it. It was a floor piece and I was surprised by how well it lit up the room.

          One project on the stack (although very far down) is a guide to lighting by effect. We have pictures of the fixtures, but no real sense of what they do.


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            i also am having trouble with lighting. i do know, however, that the stained glass lamps from the 2011 NoTD recipe provide some fairly good lighting for the area, and it isnt very colored light either! i hope this helps you

            also, sometimes the dividers and tiles that are used have some effect on how much lighting you need to brighten up your home. the mossy briarwood dividers and tiles are dark and need more lighting, where as the fancy fulginate dividers and tiles are bright enough to need very little lighting.
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