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Almost lvl 50....what to do?

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  • Almost lvl 50....what to do?

    Hi Folks,

    I'm almost a level 50 Provisioner - My first level 50 crafter and I know there's so much you can do at that level, like
    far sea quests and crafter dungeons.
    I feel overwhelmed and don't where to start first.

    Can anyone please tell me what I should do first?
    Btw, I Hate missing out on any quests etc. so let me know everything you know!
    Thanks in advance, can't wait to try it all out!

    (p.s I also have a carpenter, jeweller, tailor and sage who are close to leveling 50 too. So if there's anything specific to those, add them in too!)

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    Personally, I'd start with the Artisan's Satchel just so you've got it handy to keep your harvestables corralled.

    Then I'd get the Advanced Journeyman Tasks out of the way, if you've been keeping up with the set. (If you haven't, backtracking for those may get you to 50). Then I'd head up, do Ship Out then the additional quests for each of the three Liaisons up there.

    From there, it'll depend on which you want most, first, and/or your available time. There are the daily tasks up in the Moors if you've a yen for the faction furniture recipes, or the Mara weekly and the daily group missions/dungeons if there's stuff from the Far Seas vendor calling your name. (The missions are also a great way to level up without burning through a lot of resources.)

    Recommendations will, of course, vary, based on which what has the most importance to you - flat-out leveling, faction items, most bang for the resource buck, guild status, etc.

    (Note there are quests for Sage and Carpenter out of Mara in the 50s, as well, when you hit those classes.)

    As always, the Quests section of the main site has links for all sorts of goodies.