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    Level 50 Alchemist quest, island of Mara - since the write-up pre-dates the addition of the Farseas Supply Division, and the [former] banker's assistant Ulgofar Wisme* acquiring fuels, I tried buying coal from him...

    ... and it worked.

    So if you're inclined to update accordingly, whomever maintains those quest write-ups, that's a piece of information that may help it move along more smoothly.

    EQ2 Trader's Corner page with the full write-up

    Hope that helps, and thanks again for all you do. =)

    * ... does that look like "You'll go far with me" to anyone else?
    Or the banker herself, "Unatsa Nize" look like "you're not so nice" ... ?
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    Updated - thanks!

    And yep, someone had fun with those names.