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Larry Elmore's Loss at Fan Faire

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  • Larry Elmore's Loss at Fan Faire

    Read the thread about it on about Larry Elmore's cash box (and other forms of payment...) growing legs and wandering off. Two issues that infuriate me about it: a) no security cameras in the Grand Ballroom? In VEGAS?? Wow, the place has gone to pot since the Mob moved out; and b) "not our problem," sayeth the security personnel? Well, jeepers, O Rent-a-cop, please clarify: isn't ensuring the security of guests (including merchants) of your boss's hotel your freaking JOB?? If your job isn't your "problem," I'm sure there are tons of unemployed security people out there who would love to have yours (I personally know at least one), if you think that taking care of the needs of a bunch of lowlifes like we apparently seem to be is beneath you. Oh, and I'm sure Fan Faire could find another hotel to bring their money to next year. Should that happen, be sure and let your bosses know exactly why, hmm?
    Main: Uwkete, Kerra Berserker/Armorer
    Arglwyddes, Arasai Brigand/Alchemist
    Dacci, Sarnak Bruiser/Tailor
    Diannah, High Elf Inquisitor/Woodworker
    Elisveta, Half-Elf Wizard/Jeweler
    Machagin, Froglok Troubador/Weaponsmith
    Opalah, Fae Swashbuckler/Sage
    Peklochlapec, Barbarian Monk/Provisioner
    Pirupoika, Barbarian Ranger/Carpenter
    and possibly more to come on Station!