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    Imagine if you will ...
    ... putting 6 weeks of 60-80 hour weeks in on beta testing, knowing that what would result wouldn't be even close to "perfect", but that it would be far better than it would have been without that added effort.
    ... putting tons of playtime in after the expansion hit re-checking things, trying to figure out what went askew during the build between beta and live, handling a huger than normal load of tells, discord messages, PMs, etc. (Yes, there are ALWAYS things that break between beta and launch. A . L . W . A . Y . S.)
    ... being extremely disheartened at the overall state of things on top of the mood of the more verbal parts of the community, but struggling along anyway, because there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel you're slowly crawling through.
    ... trying to be the voice of reason while dealing with the extremists who would be 100% negative about the state of things -- while you're not trying to paint it all as rosy, but trying to show the middle ground.
    ... trying to show that we DID accomplish something in that beta by (among other things) getting every crafting class a working level-up path. Not a "great" one in the grand scheme of things, but at least something that worked while the TS line is in development.
    ... having several folk attack you in tells and PMs, outright calling you a liar for saying there WILL be a tradeskill line incoming. (Seriously, yes, the number of people who yell at me, who vent at me, is getting ludicrous again.)
    ... dealing with that day after day while feeling like something that the cat dragged in and left in a dark corner to die for a week before it was found.

    So, yes, I DID blow up tonight and logged before I said even more that I would regret.

    I didn't appreciate being patronized and told I was "deluded" for mentioning beta.

    I don't give a $E%%#$%^#$% if it was later claimed not to be patronizing, that it was not meant to belittle the work of ALL the folks who skipped a lot of lovely double xp, double ascension, and double currency, etc, so YOU could have something that works even as much as it does. It came across as patronizing and hit the last nerve I had left that wasn't already screaming in agony.

    It was just my limit, my final straw -- the implication was that beta had been worthless (and it wasn't the first person or the first time to imply such in chat when beta was mentioned).

    I don't care if you view the glass as part empty or part full, but stop trying to shatter the glass and grind it into dust. That sort of mood in a chat channel day after day after day is TOXIC, especially during this time of year. It is a frequent downward spiral lately in a channel that's supposed be better than that.


    Time to trim my chat channels down for a while before I get even more depressed.