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  • Hello

    Hello there!

    Yeah, I just wanted to say hello. I always try to keep track of what happens on EQ2 even if I left 3 years ago. It seems crafting took on a good turn, that the new expansion will be fun and the cloaks 2.0 are amazing!

    I hope you're all well and good.


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    And a hello to you too, as I unbury from the expansion, and Frostfell testing and such. We have all sorts of lovely goodies to make with this expansion, and it will keep my alt army busy for quite a while!

    It is good to hear from you! {hugs}


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      Yeah, I had a look at what you posted up, it seems to be quite nice, crafting-wise. Stat inflation with each expansion is still as bad as I remembered it though!

      I can't even post on the boards anymore as I lost my authenticator (EDIT: yeah, finally found it!).

      I hope you're well and good and your family too. I'm kinda missing you and your rolling pin of doom!
      {massive hugs}
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        I made a run through the enchanted rings today, you're missing some items in your main article (the lights and circlets and a couple more).
        I count 33 items in Nektulos and there's 39 in game for example.
        missing nek items are: Crown of the earthspirit, lantern of the earthspirit, lichen cone, purple cap mushroom, scorched parasol mushroom and yellow parasol mushroom

        I don't know if you just forgot to put them back on this page or not, but I can't find them around!


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          Thanks for the reminder that I STILL need to merge the stuff from 2016 into the main article. Once my head is less congested, I'll tackle that. Right now I'm doing meds and bed for the rest of the morning. {hugs}


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            Ah, here it was. You could add a link to it somewhere in the main article as a quick fix, it'll buy you some more time.

            I was pretty sure you had made an article somewhere, but finding it was another matter