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RL tradeskill: fun cake idea

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  • RL tradeskill: fun cake idea

    Yes, there's a link to the recipe coming.

    I just saw this and thought, what a fun idea!

    I can imagine that concept (using a white cake mix with the food coloring, and purchased frosting, if one's in a hurry) revised with all sorts of different color arrangements.

    For example, if a dark chocolate cake was used with plain white, and similar pre-slicing methods to those shown in the instructions, one could make it look like a checkerboard inside!

    It just looks so cheerful, with its bright colors hiding under a "plain vanilla" frosting wrapper, that someday I might just get adventurous enough to try it.

    --> Cake recipe and instructions link <--

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day, no matter where you are.
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