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_"The Rules" - read before posting

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  • _"The Rules" - read before posting

    First, the short version of the rules for those who are impatient, then a longer explanation ....
    1. Keep it clean and flame-free
    2. Don't cross-post
    3. Tradeskill item sales/trades go in the Marketplace. Account sales get banned.
    4. Share your info or shush
    5. Ads/spam are not allowed in posts OR in profiles
    6. Sig tests are unwelcome
    7. Info on exploits, cheats and macro crafting not allowed
    8. Personal attacks are beyond unwelcome
      8A. No SOE Bashing.
    9. Don't tease, annoy or bother the DenMother ... she's not only a redhead, but also the owner of the site.
    10. Follow specific forum rules. Do not give the moderators grief for enforcing those rules or the DenMother will get involved.
    11. If you have problems with a moderation decision, take it to private messages with the moderator, or with Niami or Ngreth directly.
    12. No politics, no strikes, no walk-outs or stand-ins, no petitions.
    13. Bots, comment spammers, etc. beyond unwelcome here

    EQ2 Traders Corner is a thriving community of tradesfolk that share a LOT of information and moral support.

    When we were off in a quieter portion of cyberspace, not a lot of "rules" were needed. Folks were pretty good about self-policing the boards, and the "snerts" usually got bored quickly and moved on to greener pastures.

    These days, however, tradeskills, and this website, are a lot more high-profile in EQ. A lot more traffic wanders through this site, and many don't know what we're all about, or what is and is not considered appropriate for guests to these boards.
    1. Keep it clean and flame-free. While this site is the "child" of one frazzled DenMother, remember that gathered on these boards is a very active community of tradesfolk. Many love to share their knowledge with others ... but they, and I, have no tolerance for rude children ... regardless of their physical age. If you want to flame and call folks names, take it elsewhere. Do NOT make personal attacks on others. If you can't play nice, you'll find yourself not only spanked like an unmannered child, but likely banned from posting. Keeping it "clean" also includes sigs and avatars of a suggestive nature - such stuff doesn't belong on a family-friendly crafting site, and we'd far rather that you simply did not include them, rather than forcing Ngreth or Niami to edit your preferences. Since the above seems to be unclear to some folks, personal attacks can include name-calling, death threats, badmouthing other posters, etc. It does not belong on these message boards, EVEN in Primal Scream.[/B]
    2. Spam and cross posts are unwelcome. If you have something to say that touches on multiple tradeskills, post it to the General Tradeskills Questions board. Do NOT post the same message in multiple forums.
    3. For what I truly wish was the last time, but I know won't be (due to the folks that REFUSE to read when on a text-based medium) ... NO buying/selling except in the Marketplace forums!! NO buying/selling of anything OTHER than tradeskill items even in the Marketplace. Period. There are PLENTY of spots to buy and sell your phat lewt ... this is not one of them. And NO buying/selling of items for real-world cash.
    4. These message boards are all about pooling information regarding tradeskills. No, this does not mean that everyone and their cousin has a right to harass me hourly for my current skill in x, y, z. What it DOES mean is that everyone has a right to knowledge of recipes, trade supply locations, etc. If you walk in here going: "I know the secret to such-and-such and I'm not telling", you WILL get slapped down. It is counter-productive to what this community is all about. 99% of the time when someone posts with that attitude, they've been proven to be full of hot air and lies anyway. If you think you've got some new tradeskill item figured out other than the last step, post! Someone else might have the last bit of information/knowledge needed to solve the mystery. Don't sit on the information so you can be the first to brag about it. Don't come in here and taunt other folks about your "secret knowledge". Far from giving you the applause and attention you THINK you deserve, we're likely to give you a good reaming out. Share your toys when you're in the sandbox, or your sandbox rights will be removed.
    5. "Ads" aren't welcome here. If you've got a tradeskill site to promote that you want folks to look at, that's fine BUT THESE NEW SPAMMER "BARTER" AND AUCTION SITES DON'T COUNT AS "TRADESKILL SITES" I don't mind well-mannered folks coming in and showing off their hard work (but make only ONE post about it). But, if you come in here trying to broadcast your cheat site, your site to sell/trade accounts and phat lewt, and other such scams and spam, it'll be deleted and you will be banned from posting. If you don't know what is and is not appropriate, ask. However, it's likely that 99% of the scammers and spammers won't read this post anyway before they come in and spew trash all over. Things like these various "wars" sites are also unwelcome and a waste of bandwidth. Sending advertisements in Private Messages is equally unwelcome.
    6. While I know folks are eager to show off new signatures and such, "test" posts are not allowed. If you want to test your sig, use the Preview option provided by phpBB and do NOT post it to the boards. I've started deleting such posts and banning the folks who make them.
    7. Do not try to use these forums to advertise/discuss cheats, exploits and tradeskill macros. We've worked hard to develop a working relationship with SoE so that bugs can be addressed quickly, and we don't want it ruined by some d00ds who feel the need to exploit game mechanics and then brag about it. If you've found what you think is an exploit and want to get it fixed, please DO contact SoE directly about it. If it needs urgent flagging, you can also PM me and I'll alert the appropriate folks. Once you've reported it, STOP using whatever cheat/exploit it is ... we've known tradeskillers who've gotten banned from the game for using such things after they've reported them in as exploits.
    8. This is quite simple folks. Do not make Attacks against any identifiable entity. Do not insult, attack, or threaten another poster, person, player, guild, or website. Use common sense here on things not listed.
      8A. This is especially true for SOE. You can disagree with what SOE has done, you can be unhappy about something they have done. You may not call them "stupid", imply, infer or directly say that they dumb. No saying "The Dev's Suck". No SOE bashing. It is acceptable to say "I think they made a poor decision when they did "X." "I think they could have spent more time in Q&A" and such non-emotional statements that imply your displeasure without actually giving an insult.
    9. This site is "owned" by a single person. As the person in question, I can and will set down rules as I see fit. When you invest as much time and energy into a site as I have, you, too, can make the rules. I am a redhead ... argue with me at your peril. (Yes, this may sound a bit gestapo-like, but when multiple folks try to "instruct" me on what THEY think this site is "supposed" to be about, I do get a tad ... touchy). I rarely step in and actively enforce the rules these days, unless you ignore the next two items on this list ...
    10. The volunteer moderators have worked VERY hard, with specific instruction from the DenMother, to try to make order from chaos due the increase in popularity of tradeskills in the last year or so. Every new tradeskill patch brings in a fresh horde of eager folks. We understand that folks want their information and want it NOW, but every time you ignore the posting instructions in a topic that a moderator has made sticky with specific posting instructions, you only delay the flow of information from the message boards onto the main site. We have the active moderation for a reason. We have the sticky topics for a reason. While they may seem "silly" to you, there are good reasons for what we do, given that the priority now is to make sure that new recipes, new trivials, etc. are not lost in the HUGE volume of conversation going on. Respect the moderators, respect their rules -- rules that the DenMother gave them. Believe it or not, we don't like having to make such rules. We don't like having to police the forums around the clock - we have too many other demands on our time. I'd FAR rather be actually working on updating the website and the in-development database right now, or {gasp} playing, rather than having to add yet another rule to this thread because I've just had to delete another dozen posts from folks who've decided they MUST be heard, at the expense of derailing the dataflow onto the site.
    11. If you don't agree with a moderation decision, take it to private messages, period. Attempting to publicly undermine the authority of the volunteer moderators by restarting topics as yours get locked by them is only going to bring down the ire of a protective DenMother. They work far too hard trying to enforce site rules for me for me to allow them to be drawn into public hissy fits by folks who don't agree with their decisions. If there is chastisement to be done, it should come from *me*, not the guests. If you want me to intervene in a dispute, again, take it to private messages. If you PUBLICLY attack my moderators on my boards, you've pretty much lost your chance at a fair hearing. They are human. They and I can make mistakes, but you're far more likely to get an apology, and things sorted out amicably if you don't start out on the wrong foot by throwing screaming hissy fits in the middle of the forums.
    12. This is a tradeskill site and there are certain things we simply do NOT want in any way, shape or form, on this site. Real-world politics invites unwelcome flame wars, and will be summarily locked and the poster warned (or banned if it's a repeat offense). Strikes, stand-ins, walk-outs, sit-ins or whatever you want to call your newest protest against SoE aren't welcome here - remember our bit about SoE-bashing? Posts demanding such protest actions turn rapidly into flame fests and worse. Again, not welcome in the least. The same goes for petitions. Don't waste our bandwidths to rabble-rouse. There are more than enough forums out there that are flame-fests, and you're not going to light those fires here, k?
    13. There are many bots, comment spammers, etc. registering for the forums these days. We're cracking down on quite a few of these, even the seemingly-harmless ones using their profiles to link to spam, porn, etc. sites.

    Unfortunately, the ones who most need to read this information are likely the ones who won't read it, and will get banned for trying to sell their accounts here, etc., but at least we tried to warn 'em ...
    These boards are Privately run boards.

    Being such means that you have no first amendment rights when you post here. We could delete your post because we don't like the color blue today. We could randomly go about deleting posts.

    We are not very likely to delete posts on the basis of our hair for the day. We will try to be consistent, but we are also human.

    Additionally... and this is something I really hate... because it is a private board... we end up being responsible for what YOU say. Because of this... we HAVE to delete some posts, and it would be stupid of us to not do so.

    Some threads will be deleted if they get out of hand, some will just be closed. Some people will be banned, some will be warned. Some things will be missed, and some things will be caught.

    Basically this all means... we will try.

    Should you find that you cannot abide with these rules, simply do not post here. Read all you want, but keep quiet. If you post here, you can and will be held responsible for your actions.

    Should you be pointed to the rules, and continue to argue with ANY member of this community about the fairness of said rules, you can and will be banned.

    We do not have to give any warning.

    When we DO take the time to give a warning, heed that warning. Don't poke, prod and push to see what the limits are.

    There is far too much traffic through here, and far, far too much work/time/effort/money involved in maintaining this site to waste time and energy on folks who believe we "owe" them the information, while they continue on their merry way of ignoring/bashing/arguing, etc. the rules, and/or the owners, of this community. It disrupts our productivity, and our community.

    It all comes down to:

    Our home, our rules. If you don't like it, you're free to go elsewhere ... start up your own tradeskill site ... put a significant chunk of money and time into getting it running ... and then YOU can set the rules and/or let the trolls run wild through your hard work.
    Last edited by Niami DenMother; 10-13-2008, 06:40 PM. Reason: added comments about bots/comment spammers