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    I know that the level 20-90 stat information on the below 3 guides may contain some old beta information, and be missing some item effects and such. If I try to go through and examine every single item made by every single recipe for every single class, however, I'll lose what tiny shred of sanity I have left.

    So, I'm looking for volunteers to adopt a tradeskill class and provide me with an updated list. (In order to see them all for your class, you'll need to be level 90 in your crafting class, in possession of an apprentice that you can use to ogle the items.

    Please post in this thread if you can help out. Thanks!


    • Alchemist - Rothrandir - done! Thanks!
    • Jeweler - Aeriel
    • Sage - Oriwalker
    • Carpenter - Centhena - done! Thanks!
    • Provisioner - Aeriel - done! Thanks!
    • Woodworker - Lodrelhai
    • Armorer - Nytefyre
    • Tailor - Nytefyre - done! Thanks!
    • Weaponsmith - Megera
    • greater essences - Mum - done
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    I'll do Provisioner

    Food and drink first; belts when we get the update



    * I see you have done the belts already - will eyeball them for you tomorrow when Splitpaw gets the update

    * none of the links to Zam for food and drink that I tried worked for me - the equipment links seem fine

    * you may wish to edit the information for the level 10 craftsman from "Humming Reactant (for belts only)" to something like "Humming Reactant (except for food and drink)" as the list also contains woodworker and carpenter type items
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      The level 20+ links were already in place when I got the pages from Wilhelmina. Rather than remove the majority of them due to them not yet being in the Zam database (and then have to re-add them in later), I decided to leave them all in, in hopes that they'll be added "soon". However, on the stuff that I added (belts and all level 10 items), I only put the links in for the items that already are in their database.

      Thanks for the help!


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        Thanks folks. Been dealing with a horrid pain flare, but hope to actually do all the page editing needed to add in the updates so far tomorrow, if all goes well.


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          I can do the sage and will have it done/posted before this Friday 1/20/12. Early part of the week is a bit busy this week.


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            I'll work on the alchemist recipes. I've got an 84 alchemist that will be 90 in the next day or two.


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              I will do the jeweler recipes - probably later this week



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                Thanks folks! I'm editing the documents offline, since we're supposed to be seeing our missing data restored this week, and it might overwrite article numbers on me. Once everything is caught up, I'll see what's left and start tackling chunks as well.

                I REALLY appreciate this, a lot!


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                  I can work on Woodworker tonight!


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                    To save myself some crossed eyes, I'm going to be deleting data posts in this thread as I add them to the master documents on my hard drive. I'll update the pages on the site once I'm done.

                    Thanks SO much for your help, folks!


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                      The good news - other than the level 10 armor and earrings, all of it is done! Huge, huge, HUGE thanks to all the folks who helped with this. It turned into a far more massive and comprehensive project than I'd planned, and we'd be waiting many more months for me to have done it all on my own!

                      The bad news - because all the fantastic folks who volunteered their time and information-gathering skills are wonderful individuals, the styles vary quite a bit. If things like inconsistent capitalization and punctuation bothers you, you'll be itching to go over these with a fine-toothed comb.

                      I do plan on going back later and trying to pretty these up, but there's only so long I can stare at all this without wanting to climb the walls.

                      I also want to export them into a downloadable spreadsheet to make it easier for folks to track recipes from all their alts, but again, that'll take some time and fussing with formatting.

                      We're getting there, slowly!


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                        Annnd, they're updated on the site now that I've filled in the last of the level 10 stuff.


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                          Gah! The tables are too big for the database, and the Outfitter and Craftsman tables are being truncated. Time to cut and paste and past and cut and trim and turn it into many more tables.


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                            Gleep indeed. This is an epic accomplishment. I suppose I'm not surprised the database choked. The sheer amount of detail data is amazing.