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Help Wanted: Confirmation of quest requirements

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  • Help Wanted: Confirmation of quest requirements

    I could use some extras eyes here. I need to verify that the series "Advanced ___ Service" still asks each class to make the same items as before. I'm working on verifying the data myself, but that means 9 different crafters who haven't done that quest yet. Oh I have waaaay more than 9 crafters, but finding a full set who have not done that quest recently may be a problem.

    So if you run this quest, please check the guide and let me know if you were asked to make different items than we show. Thanks!

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    Advanced Woodworker Service

    The Grandmaster in New Halas has asked for the following items:

    4 x Pristine Conditioned Teak Bucklers
    4 x Pristine Conditioned Teak Roundshields
    2 x Blessed Teak Bucklers

    I will let you know how my woodie gets on...



    4 x Teak Bucklers
    4 x Teak Roundshields
    2 x Blessed Teak Bucklers (I imbued 2 of the 4 made earlier)

    updated the quest.
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      Thanks, Aeriel. :-) The Woodworker info would be useful since Therendil was the very first of mine to do that quest, and that was long long ago.


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        I've re-posted my edits for this quest. The one response I got here was for basically the same items as before, so I suspect little has changed. I still would appreciate updates from anyone who runs someone through this quest.


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          The changes are likely to be in the scholar classes, since the spell names changed.

          Jeweler: Breathtaking Bellow (journeyman), Disarming Grin II (journeyman), Snap of the Wrist III (journeyman)

          (I am updating the page directly, but noting here as well, in case something more squirrely happens to the site)


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            Advanced Provisioner Service requires:
            • 8 Browncap Mushroom Tea
            • 8 Owlbear Steak
            • 8 Wyrm Steak

            I also noticed that the quest will update if you are doing a work order at the same time that requires the same items. Also, the later parts of the quest where you deliver the items doesn't seem to actually require you still have the items on you to get the update. Since all the items I made were "eaten" by the work order quest updates, I had nothing on me when I visited the 3 npcs in the various locations, but I was still able to complete the quest.


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              That seems to be the general case. I had the same thing happen with two other characters, one of whom had forgotten that he still had the service quest active when he took a rush order. In both cases the service quest updated even without a full set of the requested items.