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  • Wanted: Tradeskill Guides

    I was going to wait until things calmed down before I asked for help cleaning up around here, but things don't look like they're going to calm down for me for a couple months, if then.

    If you see a tradeskill guide that needs updating/correcting/sprucing up, or something that needs a totally fresh guide, and you can help, please, post your submission in the Tradeskill Guides forum. There's no need for fancy formatting - just post the text in a coherent format so everyone can see/comment/proofread, and as I get a few spare minutes, I'll drop it into place on the main site.

    In addition to that generic plea, the "In the Classroom" section of the Tradeskill Guides part of the site really needs help.

    Way back when, I started a series, "The Essential ..." and ended up pulled away before I got very far. A lot of it is cutting & pasting from the existing ones, changing a bit of text around for class-specific information then adding a little polish. So far Craftsman, Outfitter, Scholar and Tailor are done - they may need some changes by now, and the other classes need a complete round of TLC.

    Please post here if you want to tackle one or more of the guides, saying which one you're working on, then drop the guides down in the Tradeskill Guides forum when they're ready.

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    Hi Mum

    I could write up an Essential Provisioner for the site. One question. Did I read or just happily dream up, that adornments made by other professions than transmuting will be removed (crossing fingers for a yes), in which case I won't be mentioning adornments.

    - Aggie

    EDIT: Provi Ess. up in Tradeskill Guides Submissions.
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      Adornments will only be made by adorners ... all other class adornment recipes are going ker-poof in a few days.

      And thank you, thank you, thank you! That's one less for me to worry about! I'll go eyeball it later today when I can switch mental gears. I'm developing serious tunnel vision in order to shovel more information out the door while still managing to give actual beta testing the attention it deserves/


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        I know! Let someone else check it over! Scoot! /Cookies

        - Aggie

        (And woot! No more messy adornments recipes in my lists!)


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          I'l grab Carpenter.

          Since I love my carpenter to death
          Rieka - 80 Provisioner
          Xyzria Rawrz - 89 Carpenter/90 Mystic
          Naomee - 80 Sage
          Rawrzz At'You - 80 Wizard

          Happy resident of the Nektulos Server.


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            Provie Recipes

            Hi there I noticed on your site you said you didn't have a full list of the provie recipes yet so if this is of any use to you please feel free to use and abuse away, I have it in excel format too

            when trying to post it including the link it wouldn't let me so umm it's all the W's then...


            Mistal x


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              Hi there.

              I just started a weaponsmith, so it'll be easy enough to get all the recipies and the screenshots if needed - I'll just do the screenies as I'm making stuff.


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                I'm so sorry I didn't check this sooner! I've been having a month of Mondays so far, and ... bleargh!

                While we don't need the screenies, due to having given up on that part of the database, we *do* need information on the basic stat lineups of the weapons, since several were changed once again, with the release of the expansion, due to basic changes in how stats were used by different classes.

                The crafted weapon chart is here and any corrections/changes that you might notice would be gratefully appreciated!



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                  I thinks the link may be broken.
                  Is this the chart about which you were speaking?

                  I LOVE this chart. I have a hardcopy and use it to guide players that aren't sure of which weapon they want to use.
                  I will verify the stats today.


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                    Wheh. I have a much better appreciation for what you do gathering information Mum. My hat is off to you.
                    I have gone over the t1-t8 recipe information and found the changes.
                    I am using the Crafted Weapon Progression Chart (post-GU45) as a guide.
                    1 weapon changed delay or it was wrong on the chart:

                    Maul is a 2H crushing with a delay of 5.0 not 6.0

                    For the rest of the changes, which are stat only, I will list in the order found on the chart:

                    Weapon Type New Stats
                    Scourge 1H crushing STR, STA, WIS
                    Maul 2H crushing STR, WIS
                    Sledge 2H crushing STR, WIS
                    War Mace 2H crushing STR, STA, WIS
                    Dirk 1H Piercing STA, AGI
                    Javelin 1H Piercing STR, STA, AGI
                    Kris 1H Piercing STR, INT
                    Parrying Blade 1H Piercing STR, STA, AGI
                    Short Spear 1H Piercing STR, STA, AGI
                    Stilletto 1H Piercing STA, AGI
                    Sabre 1H Piercing STR, STA, AGI
                    Falchion 1H Slashing STR, AGI
                    Flamberge 1H Slashing STR, AGI
                    Hand Axe 1H Slashing STR, STA, AGI
                    Spatha 1H Slashing STR, STA, AGI
                    Tulwar 2H Slashing STR, STA, AGI

                    This is not a complete list of changes if you want to include T9 weapons. I noticed at least 1 that had an additional stat on the T9 version.


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                      Thanks! I'll try to get this changed soon.