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December 12: Frostfell 2012 Vignettes

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  • December 12: Frostfell 2012 Vignettes

    Whew! With a little over 12 hours* to spare before Frostfell 2012 goes live, I finally have the Frostfell 2012 crafting preview done! I bet you folks didn't think I'd have it done in time - I know I didn't think I'd finish it before tomorrow! Fortunately, I had some phenomenal help from a pair of SOE Frostfell Elves with regards to most of the images, and I think I caught all the high points.

    I take full responsibility for the ogress images that make you want eyeball bleach - I thought they'd help keep you from going into sugar shock as you look at all the nummy Frostfell goodness found in Frostfell 2012 Vignettes

    Frostfell is to be turned on as soon as the servers come up from the 7am patch tomorrow

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    Something that I'm wondering.....

    What happens when you try to refine a Frostfell ingredient? Just a random thought that i haven't tested as well... but does a refined ingredient add anything special to furniture? Also, I agree, the goblin aught to know how to harvest things in the wonderland village....
    Last edited by foodcity; 12-13-2012, 04:31 PM. Reason: I was wondering about refined rares and house items.
    Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic


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      You should not be able to refine Frostfell materials (just like you can't refine food harvests) - there's really no use to them, so there wasn't a reason to waste time adding them to the refining database.

      And no, wasting a refined rare on furniture doesn't give you anything special - a rare is a rare is a rare when working on stuff other than gear.


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        /mood sad

        Darn..... well, guess I have no real use for refining, then, except to sell it for a higher price on the broker.... I only have a carpenter, and the only gear item I can make is gear from deshniak
        Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic