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Sep 7: Player Studio Announced

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  • Sep 7: Player Studio Announced

    Mum sat in a lovely sunpuddle outside her home, enjoying the smells and sounds of late summer in Norrath. Squirrels squabbled over the bounty now falling from the nut trees, children trudged dutifully (or not so dutifully) towards their lessons, the lovely smell of her first pumpkin pie of the season wafted out of her home. Life was good for the wee halfling.

    Her hands fidgeted with the thick vellum of the letter that had arrived the day before, mind still awhirl with the possibilities. She was not sure if she would take up the challenge contained within, but she knew of several creative folks who would be more than up to the task. What an exciting time for the crafty folk in Norrath lay ahead!
    Have you been waiting in vain for specific items to become available in your favorite SOE game? Do you think you have what it takes to create such an item from the ground up? It may not be as easy as it sounds on the surface, but in the near future, you will have a chance to try it and see for yourself!

    SOE has announced the future release of the Player Studio, which will initially allow players from EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, Vanguard® Saga of Heroes™, and Free Realms® to try their hand at creating items for possible release in the Station Cash marketplace (with the lucky creator receiving part of the proceeds from the sales of the item, if I am reading this correctly). This new studio is still in development, and more details will be available at SOELive next month, but you can get started on learning the nuts and bolts now! Check out this FAQ for more information.

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    I am honestly wondering what you will design....

    What would you design, Denmum?
    Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic


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      I can think of a few different house items that I'd like to try my hand at, even though I tend to be a bit graphically challenged, but since I don't think I'll be allowed to participate, I'm not even poking at the FAQs until more information is available at Fan Faire. There's no sense pretzeling my brain needlessly.

      (Generally, if it involves real money, then the immediate family of SOE employees are barred from participating, and they slurped the hubbyogre onto the EQ team a few years ago.)