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Sep 6: EQII Expansion Announced

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  • Sep 6: EQII Expansion Announced

    Today the SOE forums include an announcement of the ninth expansion for EverQuest II, Chains of Eternity. Included in this expansion announcement are nummy tidbits for both adventurers and crafters. (Level increase to 95, prestige abilities for tradeskillers as well as adventurers and more.) I give you two reading options for the announcement, since I know the SOE forums can sometimes be a bit dicey about loading (and some of you cannot reach there from w*rk). The original post on the SOE forums is here. The reposting of that information here on EQ2TC is here.

    P.S. We will be adding window recipes for tradeskillers with the expansion, as well as others...thought I'd mention it given the recent marketplace release. (Sorry for the shouting, this P.S. was in the comments to the post and I had to share! ~Mum)
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    It also seems that Beta is online
    Level 95 Carpenter on Unrest server, always making boxes for ye old alt'o'holic


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      Yes, the test_copy server has been turned into the beta server. Now comes the waiting for invites ... /fidget