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Feb 27: There is Mischief Afoot!

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  • Feb 27: There is Mischief Afoot!

    Some of you had heard me mumbling about trying to test three things at once: Chronoportals (which goes live in a few hours), Brewday (which goes live next week), and "something else". I can now tell you that the "something else" is the segment of this announcement regarding The Anchorage and the one regarding Public Tradeskill Apprentices. We are still testing away, and I cannot give you more information yet, but I will be able to once we are closer to the release of the new GU. In the meantime, please note the mention that you will need to be a level 110 crafter with the Scrivener line completed in order to help with the questline and the new apprentices.

    Busy busy! Much mischief afoot!