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Nov. 15: Short-Term Bugs

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  • Nov. 15: Short-Term Bugs

    There are a couple bad item id's in the Chaos Descending tradeskill missions from Domigin. The should be fixed with the next hotfix. (To clarify, this is causing them to not be rewarded, causing random hapless crafters to not get any reward when they complete one of Domigin's missions.)

    The carrion feeders (aka "pillbugs") in the Crypt of Decay part of the PoP tradeskill timeline and the daily mission version are fed up with adventurers trying to use embalming fluid to make them go kablooey. They have found a way to make themselves temporarily invulnerable to the effects. This, too, should be fixed in the next hotfix.

    Mum is also sick/broken, even for her! This should be fixed as soon as the antibiotics kick in ... I hope!