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Feb 27: A Restitch in Time Weekly

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  • Feb 27: A Restitch in Time Weekly

    There are reports coming in that doing one of the Restitch in Time missions today is not counting towards the weekly quest. The devs are looking into it.

    Update on Familiars Wild On Fallen Gate, players are able to hail the NPC, get the "come back tomorrow" message, then hail her again to get her to give you a too soon sort of message, THEN wait 10 minutes and they can get the Familiars Wild daily to start working again for them. For other servers, those who completed the quest before the patch can attempt the above, with about a 1%-ish reported success rate. Word is also that if there is more than 1 version of Freeport or Qeynos, you will need to be in the first instance of the zone for it to work on FG.

    Update 2 A system message was just broadcast on AB (and likely other servers as well):
    If you are unable to collect a daily familiar mission, Stewards Aelin and Kres will now clear out your stuck mission. This will place you on the 10 minute cooldown before you are able to gain the mission, but once that cooldown expires you will once again be able to pick up the Familiars Wild daily mission.
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