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Feb 13: GU105!

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  • Feb 13: GU105!

    Game Update 105 goes live in a few short hours. I have been burning the candle at both ends, but am grabbing a couple more hours of sleep before starting in on the quest writeups again. You will find the A Stitch In Time article contains links to the various tradeskill quests for the signature line as well as the dailies and weekly that unlock once you are done. (There is little information about the dailies yet, and we will be figuring out the cycle and such once it is live.) It also contains brief information about the new cut-out building blocks and known bugs affecting two of the 130-some new blocks. More later. Really. I will add an update paragraph to this post when I am back to working on the writeups. Once I am done, if I have any braincells left at all, I will attempt to re-record the video walkthroughs that I created while this was on Test. There were just too many last-minute nigglies that did not make it into the videos, so I need to redo them instead of publishing the ones that I made. no promises, though, on when those will be ready, though I admit they will be hugely helpful for the easily lost.

    Update: The walkthrough guides for the sig line are done, the screenshots for the cut-out blocks are currently residing on the Stitch in Time page linked above until I can fuss with the furniture gallery. After lunch I will flesh out the missions page with details on today's daily as well as information on what to do with the stones that the weekly will award you. Happy questing, folks!