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Jan 25: Back at Last!

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  • Jan 25: Back at Last!

    After several frustrating days, we finally got a response from our hosting provider and our sites are back up! We are sorry for the inconvenience and frustration. (And trust me, there was MUCH frustration on this end.) ~Mum

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    Jan 27:

    Annnnnd we're back down. I really want to cry at this point. I truly do. We never DID get an answer from Racknine about what happened, and with their track record, and how many days are left in the month, we may be down for the rest of the month.

    Seriously not happy. At all.

    As far as another hosting provider goes, I've pinged the hubbyogre about it before, but with our server needs due to the databases, and our traffic, it is a HUGE amount of w*rk to move elsewhere, even when/if we find somewhere that would suit without costing us an arm a leg and my nieces and nephews. All that w*rk would have to be done by the already swamped hubbyogre, as he handles all the technical side of the sites.

    Ok, I will just go and cry now. If I hear anything before the end of the month, I'll let you all know.


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      Racknine gave us a bunch of bandwidth to make it through the rest of the month. I haven't found out from the hubbyogre yet if we ever got an answer as to what happened, but that'll wait. Time to go give the vampire phlebotomists more blood. :O